Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Agree with BMW dealer prices , I’m looking for an i3 and prices are really competitive vs independent dealers .
    Money does seem so cheap to borrow atm I’m entertained by the thought of newer with more warranty left on it as opposed to older and buying a years warranty

  • Oozing Essex class, I love it. A nice Ford Capri GXL spotted today.

  • Hopefully @scherrit will post a pic of his Capri.

  • Those non-dealer warranties are worthless too.
    I reckon a lot of people getting BMWs after the initial lease period don’t realise how fucking expensive parts are and how many of them there are to go wrong. Probably not limited to BMW tbf.

  • My initial E61 maintenance bill was just over £2k, then around £1k every 6-12 months - I should have just spent that much up front and saved a lot of hassle.
    I think in principle with AU you’re more likely to get goodwill from a dealer if anything does go wrong but like you say anyway, prices are keen and miles can be silly low.
    Not just BMW either - our Seat was 9 months old with 3.5k on the clock (ex-motability, bizarrely) and 2/3rds of list price.

  • I read on a BMW forum ( admittedly American ) that at the end of leases with 4 weeks to go the lease companies were dropping option to buy back the I3 by $10,000, I think because most of the auctions weren’t open

  • I'm not sure 'nice' would be my adjective of choice. Horrible wheels, rusty rear quarter, opaque quarter lights and something has had a really good go at the offside front wing. Rear bumper looks a bit jaunty too.

  • It's got character and was still the best looking car in the street full of much more expensive, boring cars. Proper lived in look, a bit of fake tan and a splash of after shave and ready to hit the town. Probably better described as a nice bit of rough.

  • I’d never really appreciated the parabolic nature of the rear side glass

  • Model 3 back with Tesla for a few days - 3 out of 10 drives, it would refuse to unlock the charge port through the app so required the manual pull in the boot. This would then show an 'unable to charge' message, despite being able to charge.

    Obviously, apart from the drive to Chelmsford, it's a cost free / hassle free warranty fix.

    Got a Model S loaner FOC until it's fixed.

    Model S interior is super dated, compared to the 3. The massive central screen is nice still but the switchgear, dash, binnacle all feel really dated. Ride quality is better (air suspension) and the seats are nicer but everything else is better in the M3. It's a P75 single motor too so noticeably less shove than the M3 Long Range.

    Got to say that the service experience is excellent so far. Issue logged in the app and a time arranged for service. Loan car etc all arranged through it too. Car recognised it had parked at Tesla and put itself into service mode and texted me to tell me what to do with the loan car. The future for sure.

  • Left windscreen wiper stopped working the other day. "There's another few hundred quid gone", says I. Had a customer call cancelled so went outside armed with some tools, no clue what could have gone wrong but a desire to not have to spend any (more) money. Only bloody gone and fixed it, ain't I?!

    A loose nut on the pivot that drives the left wiper, for those on the edge of their seats. Could see the pivot/axle turning but the wiper assembly staying put. Added a few torques and we're away to the races.

  • dab of threadlock to stop it coming un-done again?

  • Already in my mind. But didn't fancy hoking through boxes (still not unpacked all tools as have no shed). Will likely wait until it happens again, such is my motivation.

  • I like mine way more than yours... I'm ready to grab another once our fucking garage gets fucking built... 🙄

  • Spotted .. pretty rare , odd roof folder

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  • Does it literally just rotate 180º?! That’s the kind of bullshit first-thought solution I love.

  • looks like it!


    Actually looks kinda cool...

  • So stupid, so fantastic. Hilarious runty little door handles too.

  • Just discovered my 118 has been driven into (most likely by a bus given the red paint it left) - front right panel and bumper written off.

    Any recommendations for bodywork repair to a bmw in south east london?

    I miss off street parking on a quiet road.

  • Ooh, it has a second third brake light.

  • @Fixedwheelnut is in that neck of the woods. Will be able to recommend someone I'm sure.

  • Do you think both come on at once so you know in the car if you're braking?

  • My first thought when I saw that to see if there's a wiring diagram online. I'd assume there's a microswitch in the hinge, but maybe it's done in software, or maybe they both come on and it's covered up by the interior.

    I'm sure Doug DeMuro would tell us.

  • The pre-purchase inspection (2014 XC70) revealed wear on the inside of the front right tyre, and slight vibration through the steering wheel at 60mph.

    The garage has replaced a track rod end and performed full wheel alignment as per below:

    Apparently the vibration was due to wheel balance.. Does this sound right/plausible? A quick Google suggests yes.

    Re: the full wheel alignment, should the ‘Final’ results not all be green/within the specified parameters?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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