Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • They can only say no, with or without pitchforks.

  • Anyone watch Ratarossa? He’s just on the tolerable side of the ‘hey guys!’ crowd but he’s doing up this RHD 512 BBi that was bought mint about 12 years ago and left to rot on the guys front drive. No explanation yet as to why. It’ll come further into the project but there might be sensitive reasons as to how it happened.

    It’s not like the previous owner is rich and just had no time for to drive yet another Ferrari, it was parked on some shitty estate next to a knackered white Range Rover.

    Sold it for £80k, it’s probably another £40k away from its best but even then they go for 250-300k

  • I’m scared of being told no

  • We'll you'll never know.
    My father in law has kept all his crap from downsizing 12 years ago in a council lock up garage and has paid about £5000. The stuff in there is worthless so I realise what you're asking this person to do. It might be what they have been waiting for and they might actually say yes.
    You could soften them up with a bottle of something just to consider it. Then hit them .....

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  • Before you offer the fantasy £200 for that Midget, look at the shut lines around the door. If they have closed together at the top it's sagging in the middle and £200 will be a drop in a very deep ocean.

  • Does anyone else get annoyed when a passenger gets in and A) starts fucking around with the seat position. B) chucks too much stuff in the footwell/has stuff rolling around.

    Am I just being a fussy twat?

  • A) yes B) no

  • A) if it’s a ten minute ride yes, if it’s over on hour no.
    B) yes.
    And yes...

  • A) The end of the scale, had someone in my car passenger seat for a longish journey, seat was set to my wife's preferred setting - small, and despite me telling him often to adjust to suit himself, he 6ftish kept it how it was and looked all hunched and uncomfortable for the whole 2 horu trip, i found that equally bizarre
    B) unacceptable

  • Is anyone following the Stanceworks Ferrari 308 > Vtech conversion?

    It's painful, but interesting none the less.

  • That's so weird. Less weird if not right on the street... You'd think the car must get six offers a year at least. Maybe more.

  • The green Variant is a cool looking car, and nicest colour one I've seen, most of the ones I spot are orange. And continuing the VW theme, loving this potential bike transporter.

    And saw this full computer game Skyline today, in need of a wash, it looks worse than the inside of my fridge.

  • I had a flick through some of the later videos. That Ferrari (my favourite one I think) looked in really good condition.

    What a shame they couldn't be bothered to find one that might even have benefited from the attention.

  • Does anyone else get annoyed when a passenger gets in and A) starts fucking around with the seat position.

    Is this seriously a thing?

    I'm 190cm. The first thing I do when I get into a car is move the seat back. If there are people behind I'll move it the minimum necessary to not have my knees rammed into the dash and then ask if they've got room.

  • Is it me, or does that golf pick up look lengthened?

  • It's a Caddy, and that's just what they're like.

    The Mk2 is shorter because it's based on the Polo / Ibiza

  • Looks longer than a normal caddy for some reason

    Ths one looks shorter to me, being a normal caddy.

  • Adjusting to fit your legs in is different than someone changing every setting eg angle, height etc for a short journey.

    It’s a minor gripe.

  • Ah - yeah. Don't touch anything else. Was worried I'd been making a passenger faux pas all my life.

  • Yeah cars with that much adjustability....modern life is rubbish

  • Smash that subscribe button.

    It's the use of the spinning wheels of death and gas axes with shorts, Converse and sunglasses with a precariously placed axle stand which sets my teeth to grind.

  • Is that in Islington? Pretty sure I remember seeing it. If so, not a GTR. Just a GTS.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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