Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Yes. Bit of a bargain for someone.

  • 309 and 405 Mi16 were nice. Had a Bx GTI 16 in the family, fairly quick but mainly comfy, seats were like leather pillows. Made a good sound, probably the only stock 4 cylinder I've liked the sound of (also add mk5 golf gti + honda s2000).

    That one could be so good, but looks like its been parked in a rancid mudpit, will be rotten down sills, door bottoms, archs and bottom corners of fire wall. Why do folk who are 'going to sit on a car, will appreciate in value', never do basic things like, park it in a dry place and, park in a dry place. But mainly, why don't they park it in a dry place?

  • Well it is amazing the people that do corrosion resistance stuff do it in all weathers.

    Use proper stuff like ensis fluid. That stuff is used on oil rigs to stop corrosion for 24 months. Shell don't make it anymore, but other people do.

  • It is a horrible job, depends what underseal is on there. I use build hamber stuff­tection-and-rust-treatments/ as it works. Then I also use cheap cold galvanising spray on bare metal and that works well.

  • Any one fancy a P reg 230 slk converable 130k 2 months mot £450 collection wood green.

  • I think it's just because it's been super warm here for a few days and the conditions at which it works haven't been met:

    Requirements for the engine to automatically switch off:
    The driver must be wearing their seat belt.
    The driver door must be closed.
    The engine hood must be closed.
    The engine must have reached minimum operating temperature.
    For vehicles with Climatronic: the temperature inside the vehicle must be within the pre-set temperature range and the humidity must not be too high.
    The windshield defrost function must not be switched on.
    The vehicle battery must be sufficiently charged.
    The vehicle battery temperature must not be too low or too high.
    The vehicle must not be on a steep incline.
    The vehicle must not be in reverse gear.
    The vehicle must not be in off-road mode.

    Requirements for the engine to automatically restart

    The engine may restart automatically under the following conditions:
    If the vehicle interior becomes very hot or very cold.
    If the vehicle rolls forward or backward.
    If the vehicle battery voltage lowers.
    If the steering wheel is moved.

  • There is a guy who has/was adapting the active3 system from the xantia to a 16v bx and then going to do the conversion to a gti 4x4. BX people are interesting.

  • The shell looks remarkably okay given where its parked but I imagine the underside is hiding all sorts of horrors. Its matters not though; I managed to get hold of the owner over the weekend - "the car is not for sale". Not even interested to hear what I might offer him.

    I should have made a bet him that it'll still be there in a year. If he moves it I'll pay him £500, if he doesn't I get the car.

  • Some car owners are so weird. Clearly the car is going to be left to rot. I've offered people decent money for otherwise worthless cars and the owners get offended that I took an interest in the car. It's really weird. The only good experience was when I knocked on a guys door about his faded, and never moved Volvo 850 r.... He actually got so inspired that he got it re registered and back on the road!

  • Its a british thing, we never talk about money/salaries etc, and we never ever sell our old junk.

    Yeah happens all over the world, but UK seems to be worst for it. Have seen hundreds of just about savable cars end up scrap, burnt out or just a pile of bits as the environment returns their metals back to their base.

    You can just tell with some of them, they likely never intended to keep that old fiesta for 20 years past when they took it off the road, but now they've seen an article online and if they keep it another 20 years it'll be worth £50k, so its gonna stay right where it is, parked on grass, in a wet low lying area already with a tree growing half through it. Others its pride, I guess they would be a 'lesser man' if they were to give in and sell that project that they have said they were going to start for the past 20 years, or just totally no idea, its just an old car and feck off my land.

    Know a guy who has now at least 100 volvo's, been given them mostly over the past 20 years as they've failed their mot or need more work than folk want to spend. So he now has a massive graveyard of them, all parked in a literal bog. Been so many times, met his family, his dogs, even been on walks and to shops with him, a nice knowledgeable guy who seems 100% with it and no issue.
    Except he's really struggling with depression, anxiety and is a full blown hoarder of all things, his house is like something you see on tv.
    Every time I try and ask about parts for sale, or even a whole car the answer is pretty much always a wry smile and a 'well that one is still on the road, would only sell as a complete car'.... but then its also not for sale as a complete car. Frustrating as hell, when he has all of central scotlands supply of old volvos, but mainly sad, sad to see someone get into that kinda state

  • It brings up a good point... mental health is the most important thing. Far more than any old bits of metal. Hope the Volvo guy doesn't let his collection bury him.

  • I’ve just been lent this beauty.

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  • Nice - what's the range?

  • Awesome!

    These are the kinds of EV the world really needs, not stupid high end things that drive themselves and require the luxury of a private drive or garage to charge at home.

  • I'm being told to expect a real world range of 80 miles.

  • With a 30 min full charge that sounds quite manageable for a city loop, no?

  • Especially when it's inner city driving where big dirty diesel vans most need replaced with a cleaner air alternative.

  • Sounds ideal for delivery drivers in cities, especially if they could come to an arrangement to have charging ports available with some regular customers to top up while they're unloading deliveries.

    Absolutely useless outside of a city though unless you're a local milkman or manage to stick to an extremely short catchment area for whatever work you do out of it...

  • Yes I think it manageable, though payload is compromised so it can’t replace all diesel vans.
    The idea would be to replace a percentage and manage them according to weight and distance.

  • These are the kinds of EV the world really needs, not stupid high end things that can't drive themselves but say they can, and require the luxury of a private drive or garage to charge at home


  • @hoops

    Such saltiness :-D

    That sprinter is the same price as a Model 3 LR (360 mile WTP range) and still needs a type 2 charger. In terms of charing speed, it's also slower than the Model 3 - 80kw max vs. 250kw max.

    It's definitely the type of vehicle we should be electrifying but it's not a very good implementation...

  • Reclassification of payloads for EV vans might be a good way to improve range as I'd imagine manufacturers are finding it very difficult to strike a balance between having a shitload of batteries and still having some load capacity remaining...

  • Yeah, the form factor seems ideal for massive batteries under the floor but I guess they can’t build them like that unless it’s for a cotton wool supplier or something :,)

  • exactly - if vehicle manufacturers really want to be "investing in the future" they should be putting the same amount of effort into developing EV's for the industrial market as they do on the middle aged white male executive market. Vans like this are clearly miles behind a Tesla in terms of development, but should be way ahead IMO.

    Vans get used all day long, 7 days a week. Your average Tesla that replaced a range rover probably has sub 8 hours use a week? Imagine the drop in C02 output getting rid of all diesel engined vans would create. Even just focusing on using EV for urban delivery vans to suit the smaller range and using ICE for long range logistics would have a huge impact on C02 emissions.

    Setting up large scale charging for a fleet of vans at a depot is far less complicated than getting sufficient EV charging points in residential areas to make EV ownership realistic for the masses.

  • Dont get me wrong, I would love an EV, but I dont want an electic sports car, or an electric luxury saloon with a giant tv on the dashboard, or an electric tiny 2 seater urban run around.

    I doubt an EV that would suit my list of wants/needs will exist for an extremely long time TBH.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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