Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • If you're lucky the interior isn't cracked to bits... Thats the big problem here, the UV destroyed the 80's plastic. If it has the all alloy engine they are the better drive but you need to wring their neck. The intake system is a bit complex so that needs to be perfect and all the suspension bushings would need doing. The dampers would be fine if they're original as they come from the era when Peugeot made their own units, and they were the best back then.

  • I thought I was meticulous with ownership, that guy was a another level. Love it. The diagram with commentary about the 10mph knock was the icing on the cake. The old adage 'buy the seller not the car' certainly comes to mind.

  • My father had an early Peugeot 405 SRi as a company car. His employer had a buy British policy, and of course the 405 was made in Ryton, Coventry. It was white, with a red pinstripe in the mouldings, and a rear spoiler. It had tweed seats, and keep fit back windows. But it was a very good looking thing, and the handling was supposed to be excellent.

    The engine was the 1.9 injected 8 valve engine shared with the Citroen BX 19 GTi. Dad had one of those as his private car at the same time, and it was faster, lighter, very well equipped and superbly comfortable - all round a much nicer car. It also kept running at traffic lights, whereas the 405 spent much of its early life stalling the engine - an apparently common fault with them at the time.

  • Mine was also in white with the red stripe drifts off

  • Went to look at the 405 again this afternoon. Looks like it was last on the road in 2004 based on the tax disc and a peek inside shows its on 140k miles. I'm guessing theres a probably a (mechanical) reason why it was parked up in 2004 and doesn't look to have moved since.

    Found a few clues as to who might own it so will see if I can get in touch to find out more.

  • Who are a good mobile tyre replacer/fitter in London?

  • I'll pm you my dude's number, el jefe

  • Apparently there's some rust up on my undercarriage. Nothing structural they say, but "ugly." I certainly don't want an ugly undercarriage. Is this something any old garage can sort out?

  • Most garages won't clean anything properly or charge well.

  • Dude engaged.

    Thank you for the quick tip... de-stressing this is a good thing.

    Also... I've no idea if my car has a spare... I'm looking in the manual :D

  • I know a chap in Birmingham who did this for my old C55

  • How bad was it? The amount I was quoted by the garage (sub £200) makes me think a trip to Birmingham is overkill, but maybe not?

  • Poor Ades...

  • TIL that if you have insanely large brakes on the front of the car that you don't have a spare wheel by default as none could be supplied that fitted all wheels.

    The optional spare wheel only works on the rear wheels. Not that it matters, it's an option I didn't go for.

  • In strangely similar circumstances to @Dammit the start stop on my Passat hasn't worked since i bought it. It did work when i test drove it though

  • My rear subframe was crusty as was the floor, to the extent that I was advised to replace the subframe “soon”. Challenge there was that the subframe was NLA, so the existing one had to be stripped and refurbished.

    The work cost £3,500 and took a couple of weeks. I imagine yours would be a fraction of that however, if parts are available.

  • If you put mine in “Sport” for a while and then back into “comfort” it tends to activate the stop/start a lot faster than if you leave it in “comfort” from the off.

  • Cheers. Sounds like a pretty big job. I think mine just needs to be brushed away, cleaned up a bit, and sealed. They said I can just leave it, but I'm hesitant. Maybe it's coming from a country where roads are essentially salt for half of the year. Lots of videos of people doing it themselves but I can't be bothered, I think.

  • I wonder if that’s anything to do with engine/oil temps? As in sport gets it hot quicker with the presumably higher revs and it might need to be warmed up to reduce load on the stop/start system.

  • Happy Sunday!

  • but I can't be bothered, I think.

    Just spoke to my mate about the wax job he's just done on his partners new e30 - he said it's a summer job, trying to do it in cold temps is basically a fool's errand.

    Obviously it depends on what method you use, but it all sounds fairly rank if you haven't got a car lift. Don't really fancy scrubbing the underside of my car with it on axle stands and then putting the stuff on.

  • Obviously it depends on what method you use, but it all sounds fairly rank if you haven't got a car lift. Don't really fancy scrubbing the underside of my car with it on axle stands and then putting the stuff on.

    Yeah, 100% this is what I'm thinking, so glad I'm not alone.

    There are by-the-hour garages where you can use their lift which could be a learning experience. But probably just pop into a few of the arches around here and ask if no one has a recommendation.

  • Dam it @Dammit how much were you wanting for the throttle bodies ? make a sweet addition to the 335i :)

  • £163 :( They go for double that normally I am gutted :(

  • Having extremely strong desires for a GF8 wagon with a 1UZ swap... wagon and donor car (LS430) are both rather affordable...

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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