Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Alternator has gone in the C-Max, dealer will sort it under warranty. Problem is they're out in Surrey/East Grinstead way and don't cover recovery. Any recommendations for someone who will lift a C-Max from Thornton Heath and take it out to them?

  • Another years motoring; MOT and no advisories -at the cheap end of lfgss vehicle ownership this is a major win!

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  • Tow it down the road then get AA\RAC to recover it to the garage?!

  • You offering a tow? RAC got me home so they would likely be wise to it magically moving 1/4 mile away.

  • Sadly I am 150 miles away from you...

    And I think if RAC have moved you once, they won't do so again.

  • fuck yeah that is awesome.

    i think i need wee blue van in my life

  • Yeah, we had to get home yesterday as my daughter was in the car and didn't want to take public transport. And I don't have a good enough relationship with the dealer to have rocked up unannounced on a Sunday.

  • Yeah, always a tricky situation, especially on a Sunday.

    I mean you could try and fully charge the battery and attempt to drive the car, but may well find yourself at the verge side again at some point...

  • Yeah, I wouldn't want the power steering and braking to fuck off half way there. The RAC charged me up yesterday and fitted a charger to get me home but the 4 miles was dicey enough. Let alone 17.

  • Loved my combo. Like a tardis - helped so many people move house and they could never believe how much stuff you can fit in there.

  • Yes they are quite spacious in the back. I’m really quite attached to it, bought it about seven years ago for carting mountain bikes around and it’s been chugging away ever since. Even took it down to Morzine for PPdeS one year. Once you get a van you find you don’t want to be without one.

  • When the alternator failed in my Porsche I just stuck the battery on a charger and it was fine to drive to Essex to get a new one fitted.
    Just make sure not to stall it. Or get one of those portable jump starters and take it with you.

  • I have neither a spare battery nor a jump starter. And again, the prospect of suddenly losing power steering and breaking does not fill me with much sexy joy. Local recovery places wanted £150 where and annual green flag subscription is £100, so have gone with the latter.

  • The Elan belongs to a guy I know from college (he was a visiting lecturer).

    He’s also the inventor of a load of weird folding bikes (including the strida) and various bits of Joseph and Joseph kitchenware

  • Cool. I love the Elan.

  • Love it! Would drive it daily.

  • On the electric tip.

    Looks like they gonna make an electrodick...

    Much like the 935 posted here before.

  • Good luck driving that around saff lahndan

  • Heh.

    No space fo Sainos either!

  • As I have probably mentioned before, there were quite a few off roaders and their mates who were utter wankers and I would have happily shot for theft and trespass, some of the mountain bikers too.

  • Does anyone have a recommendation for a rear view mirror camera? They seem to vary in price quite a lot and I am bit sceptical of the £30 quid ones on Amazon/ebay although they seem to decent reviews as well. Thanks so much

  • Been sucked down the PCP rabbit hole on piston heads and money saving expert where it is torn apart, but lots of people use it to get a car, so surfacing here for a reality check. I’ve seen one and it looks like the right deal for me at the moment. Has anyone got any genuine PCP horror stories?

  • I bought my last car in the UK on PCP - it worked out great for me at the time (I had recently graduated from my masters and had a full time job but not heaps of savings to buy a car outright).

    I spent 10,400gbp with 1% deposit, over 3yrs with a ~6k baloon payment at the end. I think repayments were about 180gbp a month. I ended up buying the car out right at the end and using it for another 3yrs before I sold it when i left the UK.

    The deal I got was a bit sweeter as it also included 3yrs free servicing and a lower than normal interest rate (i think it was 3%?)

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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