Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Yeah, 2.0 zetec, ‘busa ITBs, racy cams, mega-squirt ecu… putting out 200ish hp through a type 9 5 speed gearbox to a live axle. Weighs in at 750kgs so it’s quite pepy and still gives mid 30s to the gallon 👍


  • Yes yes, missed this! This is excellent.

  • Those are nice, but I think the guy who found ex Ferrari BBS E88s achieved near perfection.

    If I was to go aftermarket I'd want these ATS centre locks but they'd need a hefty drop to go with them so I'm looking at about 2,500 all in which is pricey.

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  • Blimey, that is quite a lot! With a full service history like that at least you know it's been well looked after.

  • Good breakdown. I always find his presenting style funny. It's like he's doing a segment on the one show with that clipboard/dossier in hand. That slow-mo watch flex at the end of the video had me in stitches too.

  • Sounds great fun and an interesting way of doing something that is usually way more traditional with a SBF or Rover V8.

    Is it a fibreglass body or a original steel body?

  • That slow-mo watch flex at the end of the video had me in stitches too.

    Was that an Apple watch?

    Let me just show it again, slower, zoomed, just in case you didn't notice.

  • Unfortunately it’s only plastic, I’ve done the river V8 thing with this in the past and the little 4 banger makes more power, weighs less, is cheaper on parts and doesn’t throw a fit if you Rev the tits off it!


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  • How do you get away without having wheelarches/fenders/wings come MOT time?

  • £800 to fix the E46 coolant leak

  • Oddly it’s only an advisory on the test and not a fail! but i think that’s changed recently or changing at the moment. I do have a set of bolt on bike style fenders in the boot, which as I’ve got older I leave on more and more.


  • Yes, of course, it's a C&U requirement not MOT.

  • The man knows his onions. It’s illegal, but that doesn’t matter…😂🤔 It’s not endorsable either. They can give you a probation notice and make you trailer it home, but keep the car clean and in the dry and I’ve never had an issue.

  • Yeouch! Water pump seal or radiator?

  • I see it now, maybe it's the clipboard but there is something Peter Snow about him sometimes. Yeah the watch flash was great, as if we didn't know he's done well for himself with the warehouse of lovely classics.

  • I'd certainly hope that the local plod would have better things to do if it's dry. Or, at least, be hanging around the M&S at the local petrol station drinking coffee, which is where I see them most.

    ETA: I suppose if you did get stopped you could always point that while you might be breaking the law, it would only be in a limited and specific way, which means it's fine. Apparently.

  • There were comments on one of the Lambo engine refurb videos about the mechanic sporting a submariner (and Harry rocking a PP)...

  • I read that too and always look out for it on Tyrrell's Classic Workshop vids now.

  • Rad, expansion tank, mount, transponder, and both hoses.

  • He had himself crooning Come Fly With Me on the latest one. The fame is getting to him.

  • Urgh. Mostly parts then.

  • Sounds like you have had to do the common cooling system refresh. It's almost a guaranteed requirement of E39/E46 beamers of that age. At least it'll be good from now on, if you plan to keep it.

  • I popped out for an hour in the 996 tonight - more to bring it up to temperature and get some amps in the battery than anything else, but it did provide a good opportunity to compare the two cars that are now parked outside.

    The 996 is totally analogue, everything is manual, driven by physical cables in the case of the gearshift and the throttle. The E63 by contrast is an extremely digital, automatic and automated car.

    Of course, one is a sports car and the other is a (big) estate, so the driving experience was never going to be identical, but it's interesting just how far apart they are. The 911 is absolutely the car to take if you want to enjoy the physical act of driving as much as possible, but interestingly I'd also say it's more comfortable than the E63 - the fixed back bucket is in the perfect position for me, and of course I've spent years now tweaking the relation of wheel, seat, pedals and gearshift.

    If you just want to get somewhere fast then it's the E63 of course, especially if you want to take stuff (or collect stuff).

  • On a different (but related) note, would anyone be interested in sharing this space?

    I'd like to use it for parking and a workshop, but I'd not want to fund it all myself.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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