Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Fingers crossed for a job in the New Year in that case. I was planning on painting the dark trim rather than using a restoration product- what is your thinking ?

  • You will be needing new tyres rated to the maximum speed of the vehicle then. That might increase your maintenance bill

  • Could be that it's blowing air, but not very cold.

  • Fuck me, I get 600 miles in the e46, and I could get 400+ plus in the Astra. I’m a slut for chasing the MPG tho. 270 mile range would drive me mad.

  • That Jenson was lovely, but I really didn't like the mahoosive sun visors, what was that all about? Original owner was a hobbit or were they detachable for eating your dinner off or something?

    And on the subject of sun visors I saw this today. They were on the outside before some bright spark decided to bring them inside.

    Wiki says sun visors were on the outside of cars until interior mounts were introduced in 1931. That pick up is from 1949 so they obviously were available afterwards for some things. Unless its an aftermarket attachment that folds down completely in front of the windscreen to prep for the Zombie apocalypse, but as a cyclist I'd like to see some slits in it for at least some forward visibility. The little visors on the headlights surely have no use other than to make them look like eyes, which combined with the colour and the shit eating grin/grill make me think of Grommit.

    Also saw a nice Saab with some rally spots for a night time rally stage/Islington milk run.

    And continuing my recent shooting brake spots, here another, a lovely condition Lancia Beta HPE.

  • nice one dude - not too fussed about the chevy.

    but love the Saab - has been spotted before:­

    and would have a HPE again if the stars align. that one looks to be in excellent nick

  • haha brilliant on the Saab, we definitely have the same eye for old classics.

    The Lancia had some owners club badges on the front so is obviously cherished and well looked after.

  • So why not get it regassed? From experience it is never just a regas....

  • Yep, AC is intended as a sealed system, no refrigerant should escape and it isn't 'used up.

    There will likely be a leak somewhere, and it's technically illegal for anyone to knowingly re-gas a known leaky system. Get it UV tested, you'll likely need to replace the condenser as it's a labyrinth of tiny, fragile aluminium channels.

  • Also if it doesn’t get used, the seals dry out which leads to leaks apparently. To what extent non-use accelerates seal degradation I can’t say.

  • I don't really get this problem, but then I do very low mileage. Is it more annoying on long journeys or just general driving?

  • As in not using it? I never used my aircon in my old Astra as the old adage about aircon stealing BHP was always on my mind, especially when it had about 50bhp on a good day. It didn’t feel like the engine had any beans to spare to run the aircon compressor.

    Then it obviously didn’t work at all when I did try and use it. And the whole car turned into a steamy mess if I ever tried to put air circulation on.

    I just leave it on permanently in the e46 now. Too paranoid about losing a functioning aircon!

  • Moved from the (thrashed, not to be used again) summer Pirelli P-Zero's to the Pirelli SottoVoce winter wheels and tyres.

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  • Does anyone know about the ATM chiptuning process/company? My mechanic is thinking of buying into their setup to offer tuning. We might use my Audi as one of the cars to test on.

  • i appreciate your appreciation for sure dude. the less talk about bhp and just appreciating the lines is my thing.

    If I want my bike to be somewhere else I ride it there (insert smiley)

  • This is probably closer to the original intention of the thread!

  • M.o.t passed today with only 1 advisory that I'll need to sort at some point when the weather is nicer.


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  • In the new spirit of the thread..
    In a parallel world..

    The Austin 1800 of 1970

    The Austin 1100 of 1970

  • ha. don't get me wrong. i enjoy all the engineering stuff too though understand very little of it.

    but these are a completely new one on me - like a Citroen CX / NSU mash up. Amazing stuff. did they ever get made? and by who?

  • Are what they Austin princess was meant to look like.?

  • There's a few companies offering really good trim products these days. I know you were using G Techniq, I've seen very good results with Carbon Collective. This company that's doing the promo work will put something on no doubt, if it wears off after a short period of time, I'm going to try the Carbon Collective stuff. If that doesn't last as long as I expect it to, or not work as well as I want, I think I might consider painting. I assume new trim isn't available?

  • I'm honestly not sure now - it wasn't a few years ago but I know they've moved a lot of parts to Volvo Classic, so things do become available again. I bought the last two rear bumper support brackets in Europe for the 850 which was probably not a glamorous claim to fame, and they may make them again now.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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