Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Is 915 really an option? 80ltr tank seems like the minimum to get to the shops and back.

  • Tank on my C55 is ~64 litres IIRC, the 80 litre tank gives the E63 a range of around 400 miles which would be a useful increase on the 270 mile range that I have at the moment.

  • Christ. I can just about squeeze 270 miles out of my motorbike.... that's got to be fucking annoying in a car.

  • 400 would be a decent increase. When we were on the continent earlier this year and the travel advice changed we had to work out how to get home based on what the fuel range would allow us to do, hence driving north through Germany and then cutting through the least amount of France possible to get to the Chunnel.

  • The Panda on London bimbling around duties, was filled every 200 miles (at a cost of about £35). The C-Max is looking to be about the same range for just shy of £50.

  • The Zoe we have only does about 170miles to a charge (in winter) but charging at home means it's always full which is great.

    Tesla arrives a week tomorrow and that should get around 290-310miles per charge which will be game changing.

  • Hmm... This would be a lot more fun than an XC70!
    I'll have a think, but will probably (inevitably) go with the boring/sensible option (XC70 D5).

  • You're welcome to take it for a spin, I'm picking it up from it's MOT later today or at some point tomorrow.

  • get one of these and just keep the old Merc parked in the back.


  • I believe I can drive one of those, having had my licence since the mid-nineties.

    They're not cheap, however.

  • great idea rob!

    i'll even let you park it here, neil.

  • They dont call me a problem solver for nothing.

  • Probably enough room for TWO 29ers in there...

  • I've always wanted a toilet/sink/shower combo.
    Would never have to worry about a national toilet paper shortage ever again.

  • yep, just curl one out in the shower, whilst brushing your teeth

  • When buying a car with allegedly working aircon, why does the system need a regas?

  • Doubt that’d be a first

  • rob is an animal

  • I normally drink my coffee at the same time as brushing/curling/showering TBF.

  • Volvo is going to a detailing product manufacturer with Scandinavian influenced name next week. Don't want to name names yet, but it's a freebie/promo type deal. They've been looking for a faded red 850R wagon to bring back to life for content.

    So should be looking absolutely perfect again in time for Christmas.

  • great news!

  • They sponsor the 850R on air and BBS E88s if you're really keen to work it out.

  • I'd like to be able to enjoy it after that but unless I get a job by the end of January, I think it's going to have to get sold to cover the bills. Which I'm really quite sad about.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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