Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • My one comment is would have be worse if you had done it?

    And another, is it deep or just clear coat?

  • Parked up, went riding, came back to find both rear bumper corners of my car had been scraped. I have no idea how they did the verge side - although that’s on the rear rather than on the corner, so maybe they just went straight into that. Wankers.

  • Picked the Volvo up on Tuesday.

    I can't remember what I've said before but Tim found the initial failure point. There was an incorrect sized hose clamp on one of the radiator hoses. This was causing a minor leak which became much bigger under high load and high RPM.

    The catastrophic failure was caused by me pouring a bottle of fridge temperature water into the coolant tank. I thought I'd let the engine cool down enough, but given the block and oil had got hot enough that the oil became thin enough to trigger the low pressure warning, I did not wait long enough. The result of that was the block suffered thermal shock and cracked between a coolant gallery and the outside surface. So the cause of the catastrophic failure wasn't too high boost, oil pump failure, extended high load or anything like that. Extremely frustratingly, once it had cooled down properly, it actually ran as well as before, no extra noises, but the crack in the block wasn't repairable.

    This means that sadly I only have myself to blame as I ignored clear warning signs that I needed to stop the car, because I didn't want to have to pull over on the side of the M11 and make the family sit on the verge. I also wasn't thinking clearly by the time I did stop in Homerton (about 30 minutes after I should have stopped) and poured very cold water in to an exceptionally hot engine.

    Most of the work has been remedial associated with the cracked block. The upgrades are moving up 100cc to the modular 2.4 Volvo bottom end from the V70R, along with adding the S60R exhaust/turbo manifold.

    Tim's advice was that the 2.3 cylinder walls are junk after 250-300k miles and even though mine had been rebuilt with forged rods, that wouldn't stop the inevitable. By moving up to the 2.4, I wouldn't need to use forged rods, the standard bottom end can withstand up to 700Nm of torque, withstand boost well above what my TD04-20T is putting out, and they'll last 700k+ miles. My 2.3 was on 200k+ miles so was at 66-80% of life.

    Tim has done the initial run in, but I'm doing the secondary run in which will last about 2k miles followed by an oil and filter change. I'm not allowed to use full throttle or the full rev range yet, but it still feels great to be behind the wheel again. Tim said it should spool a couple hundred RPM sooner, but I'm not really going to notice the difference until I'm full throttle and spooling the turbo to full boost.

    It now looks very pink after a neglected winter and then sitting in the sun all summer, the plastics are faded, there's a tiny bit of moss growing, and the interior is quite grimey. A good friend of mine is a professional detailer and also quite good friends with the guy who runs StjarnaGloss so I'm hoping we can work out some sort of deal there to get it looking perfect again, I think we're going to shoot some video content of the detail and I'll do some proper before and after pics to go with it so that will be fun and might even get some interest outside from just my circle of friends.

    I took some short videos of some 5cyl noise, even at partial throttle it still sounds as great as I remember. That 5cyl warble is so distinctive, and there's something about it that invokes happiness from deep inside me. Just rolling on the throttle and easing through a couple of gears has me in an uncontrollable grin that I can't get rid of. I'd absolutely forgotten how stomach churning it's acceleration is, a quick test of 4th gear reminded me how urgently I feel the surge of boost coming in, so I can't wait to feel it fully unleashed.

    I'm just uploading the videos now, so will link them here, they're on my Instagram as well which I think most of you follow, but if not I'll cross post.

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  • This post makes me happy.

  • Top news my man. Back in business.

  • Fuckin rad!

    @Dammit not so fuckin rad. What a ballache!

  • I passed this in sunny Whitley. In big blue capitals across the boot it has "EL RUMBLERO". It is a charming monstrosity, does anyone know what it is?
    I think it is a Lincoln of some sort.

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  • '59 or thereabouts, Continental mark IV according to Google

  • Fuuuuck! That’s a savage scratch! So gutted for you mate!

    No quick fix for that seeing how deep it is either.... right through the number panel on the door too! 😫

    Gimme a shout if you want to borrow any of my Rupes polishers and compounds to try and take the edge off it and make it a little less obvious!

  • Ah, now I know. Thanks.

  • Mad about the water. A cautionary tale.

  • Joined the mini club today.

    After a very early morning driving up to Derbyshire I had the opportunity to drive around the dales a little with nothing but smile on my face.

    Needless to say I left with the mini in question. I've arrived home early and I'm shattered after a long day. Considering what time I can go to bed and drive to the coast tomorrow.

    I am happy!

  • Give us a picture then!

  • Cheers dude. I may take you up on that once the car is finished.

  • And if you thought you hadn't listened to enough engine noise after those 2, here's a video I recorded in the engine bay of my MX5 on ITBs a few years ago.

  • I'll send some tomorrow!

  • Love love love these!

  • Did you buy that red one with the black wheels?

    Edit: just seen the PM!

  • Ooft!!

    I always wanted an 850 T5R, but ended up pussying out and getting a 2.5T XC70 as a ‘sensible family barge’.

    Gonna live vicariously thru yours...

  • So, um, is the guy that did that also sharing the driving on track? I'd be super nervous. I do hope he's not a fan of the btcc. Maybe try and rub up against a sage green Aston in a race and it'll just cover the scratch up.

  • Excellent news this dude. These fast bricks are excellent

  • Ha. No. He has a Turner that he will race bit he will probably have a go, which I am a bit worried about.

    It’s a weird relationship that is very different to what was proposed when we started.

    Sometimes it is infuriating, but he took the car in when my firstborn came alone and cracked on with things at a rate that knocked years off the project. The trade off was that several decisions were out of my control and I lost a bit of say on how the money was spent (a three and a half grand crank, for instance...).

  • Couple of local oddities in NZ

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  • Saw my first electric Honda yesterday.
    Stationary, at traffic lights waiting to turn right.
    The dimensions first suggested a Mk1 Golf. The front indicator, a circle of leds around the headlight disabused me of this thought and the more rounded edges reminded me of Honda's recent launch.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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