Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • fuckinell that's a shitter. let me know if you need any help disposing of any bodies.

  • Ha. That makes sense i guess.

    Horrible all the same.

  • You know Sarah's going to win the argument about trailers not being in the garage now, and you're 100% going to be there with her agreeing.

  • it fucks my piss

    Sounds sore

  • ah fuck. i know it's always good to get the first little scratch in the paintwork to rid any unhealthy preciousness. but that's a bit much.

    gonna stay positive though as bet it is still lovely to have it home. and that will buff out

  • ha. probably.

    I'm already going through the discussions in my head...

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  • That's a horrible feeling to have to deal with, a real shame - but with that said you can run it for a season now without giving a shit about the paint and then get it touched in/touched up. The guy I used for the C55 is incredible at blending in, give me a shout this time next year when you're putting the car away for the season.

  • Cover it with a flame decal.

  • fuck that - FUCKTONES stickers

  • Put a sticker with your Insta handle over it. I mean wtf is all that about?

  • @BRM FFS that's fucking annoying.

    Go see my pal Tom at The Motorworks. Only in Gloucester, he'll fix it right up!

  • i have an ally bonnet and a bootlid im going to reskin, so i might do it all together, once i have stuck into the tyres at quarry

  • Is buying a car from ebay with out seeing it a stupid idea

    Buying a car without smelling it is a stupid idea.

  • That scratch, fucking hell.

  • Remember the zetec engined focus mentioned upthread, drained the oil out and there was less than 2 litres, in an engine that takes 4.3 litres an oil change. The engine has an oil leak, that has been mentioned in the last 4 MOTs yet the oil level never gets checked.

    Now the owners thinks they will sell the car for £500. Even tho it is scratched, central locking doesn't work, pollen filter never been changed. At least I vaccumed the pollen filter out today as it was full of leaves and other detritus.

  • Shit that this has happened when you've spent so much time on building it and the damage didn't even happen when racing in anger. Still it can be repaired and maybe you can get someone to make it look less noticeable instead of going for paintwork before the season start. Still, the cars looking great and sits like a proper race B should.

  • Ahhhh shit @BRM, what a fucking basket of dicks. Buff it. If not, gaffer tape the whole thing. No race vehicle is complete without it anyway. Wear it with pride.

    Garage looks tasty by the way. Screw the trailer, there’s room for a bike in there.

    Needs more snap on / Mac / Matco roll cabs, natch.

  • Have you got any left? I'm all out...

  • I had one, god knows where...

  • Yeah, it’s not the end of the world. It would be nicer if it was caused by tubing doors with a lightweight e type through the Craner curves!

  • (When being lapped for the third time, obvs...)

  • I'm gonna do another run... #neverstopbelieving

    PS Sorry about the scratch... 😭

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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