Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • A fine choice, I love them.

  • Thought for a moment you meant the Punto...

  • They look a tonne of fun. Any pictures? any mods?

  • Hey, I care! I'm a big small car fan, particularly the peppy ones. Not many about either. What's your opinion of it?

  • new job for me, which is great. Comes with a company car, no cash equivalent, so gotta sell mine.

    I tried "motorway" as someone recommended earlier, didnt work so great for me as I got v low offer.

    Best place to get a private sale? 2019 BMW 340i

  • Fitted the new stereo in the C-Max today. Ballsed up the dab antenna when mounting it to the glass, after I'd fished it through the dash. Still, meant I could use that wire to feed through the replacement. Fitting the steering column controls patch lead requires cutting the redundant loops on the universal patch lead, which was nerve wracking, but it works! Still need to test if it works with the stock mic or if I'll need to fit the aftermarket one. Then after that, work out where the camera leads in the boot have got to, as they're not behind the head unit.

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  • Well that's very kind of you, and you too @ricky2slicky and @efb - thanks for taking an interest in my terrible use of disposable income.

    As yet there's no mods, well apart from metal pressed plates, as I'm still well in warranty so will probably wait 'til that's over.

    Planning: miltek exhaust, 16" wheels, bilstein shocks.

    Frankly though, it doesn't warrant much, just a little toiiitening up. It's a great little city car but with a little extra zip to put a smile on your face.

    I'll take some pictures tomorrow as I haven't ever before.

  • I'm not familiar with what is available in terms of upgrades but I'm guessing its down the route of remap, exhaust filter?
    Shame they didn't do sporty versions of the Citigo and the Mii as well but I guess VW probably made it that way to give one option for consumers to choose if they wanted a hotter version.

  • So the search for a cooper S continues. Hoping to go take a look at a few next week as I've got some time off.

  • Take my money:

  • Needs a Trump 2020 bumper sticker.
    Its like a 2020 Jimney, but ugly.

  • Jimneys might be coming back as vans apparently

  • Yes as they are supposed to be fun.

  • They were great cars for the time, I loved all of mine.

  • Wonder how lo tech it will be?

  • It hasn’t arrived yet but I was looking up what I could do with it last night and found it out it has a mighty 59bhp and 102NM... Both less than my motorbike!

  • In pointless other peoples car saga, the owner wants to sell this car but wants to be honest so selling a 20 year old car that has over heated and run with low oil is going to be a hard sell especially with days worth of MOT. The paintwork is quite scratched too. Probably near a cambetlt change too.

    So I'm thinking drain what oil is there, to see how much is there and then new oil and filter. Stick it in for an MOT to sell it and give the car a proper valet inside and out.

  • It will have the FIRE engine, so don't worry about the cambelt as it is non interference, service it as those engines are really good IMO with regular oil changes.

    Drive it like you stole it and some decent rubber and they are fun. Shit tyres mean you can both understeer and over steer at the same time, which is scary.

  • Lols, no idea what tyres are on it but it’s only done 50k and had MOT advisories for cracking sidewalls so I assume they’re very old. Free so can’t complain!

  • You so were moaning.. ;) free wins.

    They aren't bad, just worth nothing. The punto has a few common issues but they are fun cars, in the spirit of small fiats imo.

    I may have a strut brace for the front and the rear as putting the lowered stiffer suspension from the turbo/barchetta and silly large wheels with little rubber ruins that handling and makes everything a little flexible.

  • Ok did you know there was a single convertible integrale EVO built for Agnelli!

    Here is a replica for sale:­hf-integrale-evo-cabrio-replica-modena-3­57513313.htm

  • So many bloody choices - not knowing a lot about cars it just seems I'm picking one and going with it!

  • Do you know anyone to go with you? Who either knows abut cars or will stop you falling for a car and overlooking all the faults? Am a sucker for that.

    If it is Mini, @NurseHolliday is ya man, he will give you at least details on where to get info on what to look for. Going forewarned is going forearmed for haggling.

  • That's a good shout actually!

    Ok and on another note - would looking at a used hybrid be a good idea? Honda CRV specifically - I think the low tax and running costs are quite attractive, as it'll mainly be a city car but should the fact that the main batteries deteriorate put me off?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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