Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Not to bad the four pot brakes made a difference, almost 10% better efficiency on the MOT test rollers :) I don't go too mad in it.
    Best 0-60mph with a draggy app box was 6.9 seconds and that was with a bit of wheel spin in first and second as it was damp, 20-60 is the sweet spot I have stayed with a few E36 M3's in that range the low down 300nm torque make it really easy to drive.
    Just have to be careful in the wet ;)

    I do have a new 40mm lowered set up to go on it then the suspension on that will be swapped over to the 318i :)

  • So rad! Sleeper e30 touring is deffo a bit of a dream car.
    Always thought this was sick!­rfM

  • Yes that one is some serious power compared to my paltry 220bhp, saw it on YouTube last year and in the flesh at the Classic Car show at Earls Court this year just before lockdown :)

  • 220bhp in a car that weighs 1200kg would be fine by me! Especially when it looks like that. And you've got 2, lol.

    The white one is undeniably bonkers.

  • mine is about 1420kg :)

  • Needs more BHP then! ;-)

  • excellent post and what a great pair of cars. no wonder you are beaming in the photo with the window down. good work dude.

  • Never mind the MPG, Smiles per Miles SPM :D

    & @nefarious if only enough for me for now I still have my old 325i M20 lump out of my old one that I hope to build as a 2.8 stroker for the 318i ;)

  • Yes it's all about the SPM for sure


    Just imagine all the girlfriends you would have.

  • I'd rather have a harem of balding, overweight men, so looks perfect.

  • Ha, would rep.

    It's a lovely looking thing. Although any time I see an old car like that, I can't help but imagine how catastrophic it would be if you hit a pedestrian - not that hitting pedestrians with cars is a jolly affair in any circumstance.

    And christ it looks massive.

  • I had the 318s touring, bet you are jealous ;)

    Fucking shit as an estate car, after having a volvo estate...but the BMW was cheap wish I kept it longer as it increased in value but needed the cash. Not as fun or easy to oversteer as the e34 2.5.


    This has been up here for months, bloody covid means I couldn't go down and road trip it back.....

    Speaking of estate cars ^^

  • that car has the hoyle irs/coilover suspension from fisher services in sydenham...

    [edit - it used to!]

  • Watched that earlier.

    Fell for the same trick with his electric mini video a while back... watch 75%, decide I want one, they mention the price, get depressed.

  • Feel like I've watched enough of these classic car/EV imagined videos that if they haven't mentioned the price in the first 2 minutes it's going to be unobtainable. A few years down the line when they reach the second hand market will be interesting.

  • While I'm hear... following the recent K swap chatter

  • I know. I’m definitely too optimistic when I watch these things.

  • The same sticker shock applies to those Eagle remanufactured E-Types, and all of Icon's pickups and 4x4s, Singer etc.

    Converting one yourself is a lot easier than it used to be, since a community has grown around reusing OEM components, e.g.

  • Todays fun was trying to figure out if headgasket has failed on focus zetec. The motor over heated and lost power, but coolant was low and the oil does even reach the bottom of the dipstick ;).

    So car seems to run fine, no clouds of white smoke, no water in the oil or oil in the water and none of the cylinders or spark plugs look steam cleaned. There is no misfires and no water pressurisation.

    Have a clarke compression tester but the screw fitting doesn't want to screw in, not something that you want to do at the kerbside. Might stick my cheapo endo camera down the bores to see what is going on.

    My advice is don't get dragged in to fixing others cars especially as they get to sit in the warm and you get to stand in the drizzle and cold.

  • I own an 19MY Up! GTI. I don't think I've mentioned it on this thread before and it looks like I ought to have done. Does anyone care? Absolutely not, but consider this me fulfilling my duty.

  • Sold my BMW today, sad times. Got an incoming 2002 Punto with 50k on it, which will be shit but adequate. Photos of course when it arrives!

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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