Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • T25 crew cabs are far from common

    T25 crew can Syncro however

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  • I love the look of them but now that I’ve decided to give racing a go again I’m looking for something that I can sleep in the back of, parked in a field.

  • Should this be called an Austin Allegro shooting brake?

    My sister had one of these, loads of room and very comfy. Still think they are quite a looker, that upswept rear window is great.

  • Run them off variable frequency drives I have a 3 phase late and a 3 phase milling machine running of a domestic supply.
    The lathe motor couldn’t be altered to star (?) wiring so runs at 58% power or 58% speed the milling machine took 5 mins to alter and works perfectly.
    The drives were £75 on eBay.

  • I love the look of them but now that I’ve decided to give racing a go again I’m looking for something that I can sleep in the back of, parked in a field.

    Or you could do what I did, and stay in a hotel. With a bed. And a hot shower. And breakfast. Never saw the attraction of staying in a motor home in the paddock. Especially at Brands, where there's a hotel by the entrance.

  • I'm sure most of you will have seen this already or are at least aware of it, but if not, watch it! So good.

    The presenter, Jonny Smith aka Car Pervert, is a great auto journo in his own right and his YouTube channel is a mixed bag but I really like his sleeper V6 Allegro project.

    Jonny Smith also has a brilliant podcast, Smith and Sniff, with Richie Porter aka Sniff Petrol, who is famous for being the mostly unknown guy who wrote Top Gear when the 3 nobs were on it. So if you like the sound of Jonny Smith after the above videos, you should definitely check out the podcast.

  • One of my longest friend's Dad has a crew cab T25/T3, it had some sort of audi engine swap in it. They used to tow their Beetle rally car with it to events

  • Mountain bike racing, I’ve not bought the 996 track car yet.

  • They make such a good noise.

  • I’ve not bought the 996 track car yet.

    Well, there's your first error...

  • Racing has changed. I recall seeing people sprawled all over the paddock at Brands back in the day. Often in various states of disrepair after sessions at the Kentagon on Saturday night. (Club Racing, natch.)

  • no point in a reply and can't delete.

  • Tomorrow, finally collect the complete second hand rear suspension beam from a KA for the panda.

    So quick MOT and panda up for sale..

  • Same here. But I always retained enough self-control to toddle back to the hotel for a nightcap and a nice double bed and cooked breakfast. Well, normally.

  • That is fucking sick. Absolutely love it. Noel owning it is the cherry on top.

  • The state of the art spec (25 years ago) includes a dual phone system, HP printer, laptop set up, Sony VHS System, web cams, black-box video recording, Sony infrared headphones

  • Now.

    Why would u put Edmonds on the advert?

  • Anyone know what the going rate for a partial spray job is?

    Our family car is a van for a number of reasons. I may be looking to replace our current Peugeot Boxer with a newer one soon. The main challenge with this is making it look less like a commercial van, and more like a day van in the VW T5 mold. Like our current one, it will have two seats in the back and windows on both sides.

    I'd like to get a silver van, but then get the bottom part sprayed a darker silver, to give it that nice two tone effect. It would blend in with the colour of the bumpers, but I'd probably not get them painted due to extra cost, and the fact they'd only end up scratched bumped...

    Does anyone know what the ball park cost of that could be? Are we talking more than say £2k or less?

    If it's going to cost loads I might hold out for an all black van, but these seem be rare and expensive, while the silver ones are a similar price to the plain white options.

    Something like this, but with the bottom skirt section in dark silver/grey.

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  • I'd budget about 1k maybe a little more for that to be done decently. Where are you based? I know a very good guy in Gloucester but that might be a bit far.

  • I'm loving the idea of a T3 Syncro at the moment. With big tyres.

  • Ah, that's sounds close to what I was hoping. Gloucester could work as my parents are based in Cheltenham.

    Its not likely to be that soon, I'd likely buy the van, get the important stuff done, then get the nice extra finishing touches a little later...I may tap you up nearer the time.

  • My mate's place is called The Motorworks if you want to check out his work in advance.
    A cheaper option might be wrapping the lower half, I also know a very good vinyl wrapper but he's in Birmingham which might be less convenient.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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