Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • The El Camino SS is the one to get. Although rocking horse poop may be easier to find. A good restomod would be good to follow.

    Did they ever do a Subaru Brat in the UK?

  • I was a bit puzzled by the El Camino on previous page as on the front wing its marked 'estate', not what we'd call an estate. The rest of the family kind of expects a roof and a bit of shelter from the elements over here :). Part of me wishes that under that cover lurks an avocado hot tub to complete the 70's vibe.

    And yes they had those Subaru pickups over here, beloved of farmers across the land. Though I don't remember them being called the Brat, think it was just called a Subaru 1800 in the UK.

  • They're called a Subaru 284 in the UK, US and Canada.

    We get them in NZ called Brumbys

  • Presuming this isn't a joke, any reason why you're not going for epoxy or polyurethane? Also looks awesome.

  • It was a joke - Ferrari put a marble floor down in their pit at silverstone (csb).

    I bought epoxy and all the gear to do the floor, but there are moisture issues. The bank to the left and the back is about head height, retained by the wall.

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  • That's very annoying. Stick a bit of old carpet over it seems to be the traditional way of resolving damp issues.

  • Agreed, best of luck with the damp. I'm going to get epoxy for my garage floor in the spring but most likely will need to get the floor polished first for best results.

  • In the US the "estate" car is the "station wagon" although very few of those are made any more. I am yet to grasp the difference between an estate and a shooting break here although that is probably a simple nomenclature choice by the manufacturer.

    The "Estate" name probably is a shorter version of "Country Estate" to hark back to the more rural origins of the design. So they were basically channelling the whole Ranch theme from the 50s (Ranch Style houses).

    Car names and pharmaceutical names are weird if you think about them too hard.

  • Isn't Shooting Break just the term for a 2-door estate (wagon)? Pretty basic here is Aus. Hatchback, Coupé, Sedan, Wagon, Ute and 4x4 - well, traditionally. Now it's all Compact SUV, Crossover, and monster trucks

  • Don’t forget the panny!

  • Top garaging BRM. Have you got 3 phase?

  • Garage envy is real.

    Here’s my current setup, the ceiling height and the centre pillar are pain points but it’s ok for now.

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  • no, unfortunately not. i am working on a job at the moment where one of the neighbours is a garage that has just had new lifts, compressor, tyre balancer and other stuff that i could have had for free if i had three phase - a missed opportunity...

  • Could still get a rotary phase converter. My mate’s shop has one. Noisy but works fine.

  • Converting the phase is one thing, but can single phase supply handle the demand?

  • That is the other issue.

  • Not a fan of using online, have had a few suspect parts as the packaging looked dodgy.

    But even that can be an issue with some factors.

  • On the LHD utility vehicle front - can't say I've ever seen another one of these., well ever. A VW T2 Utility. So much potential.

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  • Works OK for my chum, running full size lathe and a Bridgeport mill. (Admittedly not at the same time.)

    Should be fine with the right specs, they don’t run all the time, just when the machines are running.

  • Doka isn't it? Got a mate building a super Gucci one on air, fancy wheels, and Subaru EJ20 engine.

  • Ah nice, all the bikes and all the family. Not sure about the golfists sun visor though. Funnily enough I saw a ratty pick up version of the previous VW van today in Earlsfield that was also great, but it did not have the extended cab like that one. I didn't have time to photograph it unfortunately but will try again next time I'm over there.

    And following on from the shooting brake chat above, marvel at this turd. Should this be called an Austin Allegro shooting brake? That just sounds too misleading. Austin Allegro with shot brakes is probably more apt.

  • Can't work out if original owner or Retro Rides member car. Love it.

  • Ah cool, was a genuine question. Its definitely a handy solution to be aware of.

  • Not 100% sure. Never seen one before so I am going off of this

    Side view.

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  • I've gone down the Busaru / EJ20 Beetle builds on YT recently. Lots of unexpected want.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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