Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Just a shame about the range. I get the philosophy of it being a city car, but I think most people want a city car they can also use to go further afield sometimes, even if it's not great on motorways. I can see people buying one as a second car for sure, but how many people in cities can do that?

  • Probably best left unseen

  • Cheers 😁. Haduken

  • Its such a lovely Merc. Def rich old man daughters car with massive sunglasses on

  • I'm put off by the Honda E being 10-20% bigger in real life than it looked in photos. It's not a particularly small car.

    I don't think we'll be getting the suicide door Fiat 500e in this country, just the bog standard 3 door hatchback. It's like that Mini where the suicide door is only on the right.

  • The reality is that most people rarely do make trips longer than 100 miles. The average trip length in the UK is more like 10 miles. I think it's the same mentality as those that have enormous 4x4s, or pickup trucks in the US, just in case they need to carry 7 people or a kayak or whatever.

    I think something like Zipcar would be a good solution for a lot of people - own a small electric car for the day to day, and have access to a fleet of ICE vehicles for longer journeys, plus vans, people carriers, etc.

  • Yes they are very similar, but the heckblende design concept has been around for about 40 years, possibly more.

    It's a bit late in the car design timeline to start throwing around accusations of copying.

  • heckblende

    Well, I have learned something today.

  • More name / font / light proportions than the old porsche strip.

    I think Peter Schreyer is poking fun at his old haunts.

    Just makes Kia less attractive to me.

  • or rich old lady - who are we to judge.

  • Volvo is ready for collection, the bill is more than I anticipated back when I first dropped off, but certainly less than I thought it would be while asking Tim to fix more niggly issues while it was there.

    I'm really looking forward to picking it up but I think it's going to have to sit on my parents drive until I get a new job. I don't think I can really afford to drive it at the moment.

  • (Qualified) hurrah!

  • 4x4 people:

    My front tyres on the Disco could do with replacing. I currently have Yokohoma Geolanders all round. The rears are in much better shape than the fronts however, and apear to have a lot of life left in them.
    I could just get two new Geolanders for the front, but after having a a go at some light spur of the moment green laning at the weekend, and finding out that taking the Disco off the beaten path just for the hell of it is actually really good fun, I'm thinking of getting some all terain tyres that are slightly more agressive, as the geolanders were slipping a bit in wet mud.... although doing this would mean 4 new tyres instead of two.

    I dont want anything too OTT, as vast majority of mileage will be on road, although most of that will be on the shitty lanes of Somerset/Wiltshire, which could basically be classed as off road in the winter months.

    Pirelli Scorpion ATR or Scorpion Allterain Plus look like a good choice to me.

    Anyone have any tips/knowledge bombs?

    255/60 R18


  • B/F Goodrich All Terrains?

    too beefy?

  • I guess I'm thinking of me and the whole reason I own a car is to do long journeys. Last trip was down to Cornwall and back. But yeah, you're right, so many car trips are depressingly short (i.e. could be done on a bike).

  • 4x4 you normally want to replace all 4 at the same time as differences in diameter can cause the centre diff to overheat if its a viscous type. Does your disco have a mechanical diff?

  • I'm put off by the Honda E being 10-20% bigger in real life than it looked in photos. It's not a particularly small car.

    My gripe with all modern cars...

  • *A car with a full-length taillight ... where the entire width of the light unit is illuminated and it was designed from the start to be a full-width tailliamp system, is not a heckblende.*

  • It's been a thing on Lincolns for at least several decades

  • OG so much nicer too...

  • Toyota Aygo and VW Up! are still pretty small. But I agree with the overall sentiment.

    Went in my folks R56 MINI and after the Golf, then back again and it makes you realise how big a car the Golf now is.

    Also one of my pet pevs is the proliferation of long protruding German coupes where I live.

  • It’s some kind of electronically controlled diff - not totally sure TBH! I don’t think it’s a viscous one though. There is no way to control it manually, it’s fully controlled by the terrain response system. It’s a Discovery 3.

  • There were top of my list, as they look awesome, but from what I’ve read they are absolutely terrible on road in the wet, and are very bad for aquaplaning.

  • yeah that doesn't sound great.

    they look sick af on a set of sawtooth alloys tho.

  • I such a lovely Merc. Def rich old man daughters car with massive sunglasses on

    A friend's mother (or actually friends' - two sisters) used to have one of those in white. I used to stay over at their house in Hampstead sometimes, sleeping in the servant's quarters next to the semi-underground swimming pool and the Turkish bath. So I reckon you're spot on with the 'rich' bit. Not necessarily the daughter part though...

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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