Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • That is lovely. There are a few 128 3p on car and classic over here. But all only 1100 versions. This one you can’t stop looking at should be pretty quick

  • It's astonishingly good engineering really, to squeeze that out of a production 2 litre. It's still got plenty of childishly amusing pops and bangs as well.

    Not sure I would fancy putting that power through two wheels alone. :)

  • Any recommendations/warnings for a MOT garage in SE6/Forest hill area?

    2007 VW Touran with 200k miles so will be its last MOT before farewell due to ULEZ.

  • Love it...

  • Any recommendations/warnings for a MOT garage in SE6/Forest hill area?

    2007 VW Touran with 200k miles so will be its last MOT before farewell due to ULEZ.

    Depends on what your requirements are, in some ways - there is a place a short drive away in Deptford that has a "no win no fee" approach to MOT's, which at 200k miles might be desirable?

    Otherwise I've used the place on Barry Road before who were very thorough.

  • Can also recommend the Deptford place (­tres/deptford-branch/)

    Our experiences of them have been very efficient.

  • Pretty sure this is what my folks used to have before they had me.

    #csb incoming....

    They were going to buy a TVR 2nd hand and tried to get one of those AA checks. Unfortunately no one was available but they suggested a more expensive indy. The chap rocked up in a suit and explained he would review the car, then give them the run down, then go though it with the dealer. He proceeded to put on his overalls and opened up his mini wheely board and reviewed it.

    It was two cars cut and shut, which amongst other things had cut up tyres stuck in between the springs to "fix" the suspension.

    In the review with the dealer he started with the most minor things, which the dealer obviously gave excuses for building up to the climax of throwing him a piece of the cut up tyre from the shocks.

    Anyway, he recommended the Fiat and it turned out to be a great car.

  • I use Angel Autos/Ardgowan Autocentre and haven't had a problem with them. Admittedly I only use them because they're so close to the house I can pop home for a tea and a biscuit while they test.

  • That is quite simply tremendous!

    The interior is also wonderful

  • I don't need any more cars!

    I want a few but I think a warm hatch would have too much crossover with the MX5.

    I would really like a big body on air with silly wheels.

  • I didn't set out to indoctrinate my son, he just has a lot of exposure to cars and bikes.

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  • Very nice, looks like it's had a full body resto? How was the Abbott exhaust? I just passed on one for fear of it being too boomy on long journeys which pretty much all i use my car for these days.

    My dad picked up a very tidy convertible through local adds and built it up to T16 spec. I'm not generally a convertible fan but compared to other cars from the same era it's aged really well.

  • So i'm going to change job soon, the new job i have been offered comes with a company car - lucky me. The trouble is that the new company wont allow a cash instead of car deal, you have to take it.

    This means I have to sell my current vehicle and settle up the remaining loan on it, any losses costs will be the cost of changing job (in my mind at least).

    The price Ive been quoted from is really good compared to what I got from a BMW dealer that I bought it from, but my question is this: do i pay a local body shop person to sort out the few minor dings that it has (2-300 quid I reckon) or do i proceed with the quoted price only to have to take a hit when they tell me the dings are reducing value? do they always find something to reduce the price of the original quote?

  • Much apricated for MOT suggestions. Will likely give Depford a go. Its always passed and been serviced fairly regularly so hopefully will be ok.

  • that deptford mot place has never failed a car!

    i took the golf there for years

  • I've been stuck looking at this for the last few months... If it wasn't for covid.......­9415


    this is my current ebay favourite...

  • three fucking aerials!

  • Mordor. Impalas should only have two. Great color though.

  • pah. i'd love to cruise around in that. pick the groms up from school, the odd jaunt to the beach and the occasional stuttery single-legger burnout out the front of my mother-in-law's house at 4am

  • Do. It.
    Do. It.
    Do. It.
    Do. It.
    Do. It.
    Do. It.

    We can run bootleg whiskey around Wilts.

  • I've been speaking a bit to @Dammit about this, but thought I'd open it up... I've been offered a '99 996 - one of the early ones with the 3.4l engine (manual, coupe, carrera). I'd like to take up the offer, but the car is currently listed as failing the ULEZ, which I wouldn't care about were it not for the fact that I live half a mile inside the expansion zone coming next October...

    TFL say it needs a Certificate of Conformity from Porsche to be considered an exception. I can get that here:­/Certificate-of-Conformity-request-form.­pdf?pool=uk&type=download&id=conformity-­order-pdf&lang=none&filetype=default&ver­sion=d1550e9f-8431-4488-9355-8c3e5689e57­e

    However, it's £106 for the certificate. I don't mind paying that if I need it, but I'd rather not as a fishing expedition if I can find out what the answer would be in advance. Whilst I suspect that the car would pass, I don't know for sure.

    Does anyone have an idea what that certificate might say with regards the ULEZ thresholds?

  • V5C would give it too I think... emissions for the engine size.

  • V5C would give it too I think... emissions for the engine size

    Ah - good call. See how that is before following up with the real certificate.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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