Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • He bought it off one of his mates who had paid 2600 a year ago, and who couldn’t be arsed with it. So perhaps not a total ship wreck, even if the rocks look jaggy and the water shallow.

    Hopefully a good bit of fun for a year until it inevitably fails it’s MOT.

  • Just enough room to be a family car...

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  • went out for a drive in my mate's saab 900S turbo yesterday. bought it from a garage that restores them in essex and then been tuned by abbott racing (dump valve, new fuel injectors, new exhaust). goes like crazy and makes an awesome noise. so much fun

  • Dream summer cruiser right there.

    Came within a whisker of buying one a couple of years ago, will now likely never happen as I live within the ULEZ...

  • I thinks that’s within 2bhp of mine- turbo charging and modern management vs 3.4 litres of additional displacement. When you’re not in boost you are a normal 2 litre (ish), whereas I have to feed 5.4 litres all the time.

    Shows progress !

  • Yeah but I bet the 2 litre does not sound like yours or give you the immediate and effortless shove that only cubes (and electricity) can give.

  • 400bhp estate here... manages over 100mpg within the city (at least 95% electric) and about 29mpg if in insane petrol guzzler mode on the motorway for hundreds of miles (when the electric is drained and going motorway overtaking lane speeds the whole way from London to Glasgow, etc).

    Pretty damn chuffed with mine.

    Wish it would clean itself though.

  • This looks miles better than the saloon, and those wheels are surprisingly good. Nice work!

  • Wish it would clean itself though.

    I normally pay someone to valet my car inside and out, I've become too lazy to even get that sorted lately... My car is rank ATM...

  • Has anyone got a decent spreadsheet template for keeping track of fuel and maintenance cost?

  • Please trust me when I say that you don’t want to go there.

  • I've already spent the purchase price of the car on repairs and upgrades. Within a week. I might as well keep track.

  • honestly, so glad our car had to be scrapped. rancid.

  • Has anyone used sound deadening products on their cars? Such as the pads, stick/roll on products?
    My old DS is a tad noisy and underneath the plush carpet and foam front and back there is the floor begging for some soundproofing.
    Could anyone recommend a product ?
    I'll be fitting by self as it would be wrong to pay someone else to do it..

  • I used Dynamat but only on the doors to improve sound quality when I put new speakers in.
    Easy to fit, cut to shape, and very sticky so unlikely to come off by itself.

  • I used a lot of silent coat deadening mat and some isolator neoprene stuff on my van. Can have a conversation at 130kph fine. Not cheap but effective.

    If you go on their site you should get an understanding of what the products do.

  • Great write up Saadat. Come clean - what warm hatch are you getting?

  • Have used dynmat in the past as it was easy to get from car part places.

    Last lot I used this: wurth 3M stuff
    As these were what I could get locally, the paint place I use stocks 3m so used that stuff.

    Have also used pentonville rubber neoprene and stuck the neoprene to the underside of the front carpets, behind the bulk head and around the wheel wells to reduce the noise. Is there sound deadening under the roof?

  • They are great cars.

    @ectoplasmosis wait till they are exempt ;)

  • Can anyone identify this Japanese car? Looks like Mazda on the grill/e?

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  • mazda 929 coupe?

  • Thanks for that.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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