Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Don't remember either being Opels, and wandering to google the monza was a vauxhall royale coupe and the senator was a vauxhall as I had a few late 90s as they were around for scrap money as the depreciation was horrific.

  • No one else seen the '58 unimog for 3k?

  • I always quite liked the G32. They were a bit like a mini-Esprit in looks. My dad sold G33's when they were new.
    @Brommers oooh a G20. I've had a lot of fun in them. At one of our track days at croft, the factory brought a couple down and I spent most of the afternoon playing around with it. Is Cycliste's car a race car or one that was converted to road use?

  • Is Cycliste's car a race car or one that was converted to road use?

    We built it from scratch from a kit. It's road-registered, after the fourth attempt to get it through an IVA test. AFAIK it's the only G20 with a bike engine - a CBR1000F. Although the engine is not at present in the car, as Cycliste cooked it, driving very slowly with minimal airflow through the rad. I bought a replacement engine (2, in fact) but it's never been rebuilt. Cycliste bought her first road bike shortly after blowing up the engine...

  • So she has a bike engined Ginetta and you have a bike engined Fisher? I see a pattern emerging...

  • I have two bike-engined Furies. And a bike-engined Sylva Striker. Cycliste has a bike-engined G20. My brother has a bike-engined Stuart Taylor Locost. You know what, you might be right about that pattern hypothesis.

  • This is the tits....awesome noises. Proper cars.

  • Could you share some info about how the drive train is setup on your cars?

  • Any idea on how to fix this bit of weatherstrip?

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  • Are we still doing #dadcar?

    My ex-Soviet, single parent mum used to chauffeur me to school in a MK2 Celica Supra, 2.8 straight-6.

    Pop up headlights, hand pump to inflate lumbar supports, and a digital LED dashboard, so frikkin cool.

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  • I had my G32 engine (Ford escort CVH 1.6) bored out to 1.9 and had diff cam put in so it was quite quick.
    It swapped ends on me a couple of times!
    I think they were originally designed for the Zetecs but there was a supply issue or something.
    Some owners retro fitted Zetecs - but that was beyond my skills.
    Gearbox was always a weak point though.

    That bike-engined G20 sounds great!

  • Pop up headlights

    That would be an absolute winner in the school drop off - bet you looked forward to the winter to have them up :)

  • Buy a replacement I think, any shoegoo type bodge is going to a) leak and b) confront you every time you get in the car.

  • Indeed, got a Mk2 MX-5 and quite jealous of the Mk1 owners being able to do this:­ZNM

  • confront you every time you get in the car.

    This is the kind of thing I’m starting to realise. When you have a car you actually like to be in, you pay a lot more attention!

  • Am I wrong to be quite smitten with this

    Go for it if you like it. I know you said 70s robot, but I don't think this looks very 70s...

  • Update on my car woes: it's being towed back to the garage this afternoon, and I'm expecting the issues to be fixed. Hopefully that does happen, because it will be a good outcome.

  • Anyone have experience with we buy any car? I've been trying to sell privately and if I reduce it anymore will be less than what they have quoted me, do they drop the valuation when you get there?

  • My old man had a mint E21 320i on BBS in navy.

    Fuck I wish I still had it. 😜

  • Wife is selling her car with them on Saturday, will give you an update then.

  • Supposedly when you turn up with the car they pick up any marks/scratches/dents however small and reduce the price accordingly...

  • Dad cars, finally something I can really contribute to! Actual colours shown, lots of cars omitted for not being very interesting (e.g. several Toyotas including the first one built in the UK*, lots of Stuttgart taxis).

    (This one talked)

    Sometimes refused to start, an AA man showed by Dad how to start it by lifting the bonnet and hitting it in a very particular place was fun.

    (Known as the teapot - the inside of a Tipo had a very particular smell)

  • You can guess which of those was most fun to drive but he had a few VWs too including an early Golf 4motion which gave the s2000 a run for it's money tbh.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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