Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Think of the possibilities!!!!!

  • Hah, crap dadmobiles, my collection. Austin 1100, Austin 1300 which was sold for house deposit, 1100 mini which with a prophetic nod to @Dammit died of subframitis. Finally, the Maxi in babyshit mustard, gear change like stirring rocks in a bucket, my first car!

  • Yes. That was amazing.

    Normally it's all water under the bridge, but you could feel the awks over the air waves.

  • It's a shame because the 7G is very good, they've beefed it up now I think to cope with the high torque AMG models.

  • Scooby-Doo vibes.

  • Was it a euro spec or Uk?

    We had the QV, and it was interesting. Horrible at low speeds and parking.

  • Or the older ones of shit cars we have owned.


    BBC R4 The Reunion British Leyland

  • Have you owned one?

    Think we had one that was 7-8 years old one owner and full dealers service history. Cills on both sides and floor pan rusty. It was beige....

  • It started well:
    My dad had a red Mk1 Escort 1300GT, followed by a blue Misubishi Colt Galant 2000DX.
    Both are sought after these days.
    Then it all went downhill for a bit when the Colt's reliability made him buy more Japanese cars and we had to suffer a Toyota Corolla 1600 DL followed by the next model Toyota Corolla 1300.

    Getting over this blip he recovered well, with a black Citroen BX 19GTi, and he got promoted into company car territory around that time so my mum's red Fiat Uno 55 was sold and the Citroen was accompanied by a white Peugeot 405 SRi.

    They were replaced by a 'Morello Cherry' (i.e. dark red/brown) Citroen ZX Volcane 1.9 which I hated and a red Rover 416GTi which I loved, then a dark green Citroen Xantia VSX and a British racing green Rover 620Si which looked lovely but was rather sparsely equipped.

    After I left home and he retired he bought dull stuff like Nissan Terranos, and inexplicably, a Transit camper van.

    Now he lives in Oz and drives a Holden Commodore 50th Anniversary.

  • Well that led to some extra reading, I always just assumed that automatics had some form of automated clutch.

  • Are you on a retainer from the “visit Romania” tourist board department?

  • My old man built his own kit car: A ginetta tora which used a Hilman Hunter as its donor.
    He loved it: We were less keen with the homemade back seats and chipboard that dug into the back of your legs on long journeys.
    It looked something like this

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  • I found some pictures!

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  • At least that has 4 spoke Revos. Giving some real Matra Ranchero vibes

  • Some do, look up the cvt 'box. Some auto boxes are manual boxes with hydraulic gear change mechanism.

  • Cycliste's father built a car when Cycliste was a child using, I think, a Triumph GT6 chassis and running gear. He then built a bodyshell out of wood, a 2+2 cabriolet kind of thing, and the interior and dashboard. It was called the Delarbre. Ho ho ho.

  • The beige Toyota Corolla, like all my dad's cars was absolutely mint when he sold it. When I went to sixth form college it was in the car park, absolutely wrecked. It was like the 'after' version of the Father Ted prize Rover 213. It was owned by one of the teachers, who said 'a few people have crashed into me'. Apparently he'd been in 6 accidents, none of which, of course, were his fault.

  • Reminds me of the Dutton Sierra kit car.

  • At least it wasn't the Mk III version. A quite staggeringly ugly car, especially for a Ginetta.

  • My dad drove the same Volvo 144 for twentyseven years. Daily driver. Swapped the engine after 500k km’s himself. Then a drunken twat in an Opel Kadet rear ended him at trafic lights, Volvo was economicly totalled. So he bought a twentyfive year old 145 as a replacement ‘cause he always wanted an estate... 😎

  • They've had some stinkers but they've more than made up for it with some of their products, particularly the G4.

  • Absolutely. The G4 is a gem, I have a soft spot for the G15, and Cycliste owns a G20.

  • I had a G32 which was great fun.
    Love the G12 - although I’d never fit in one.
    The only time I ever saw a G12 on the road was whilst I was staying with my in laws in rural Japan. Still not sure it wasn’t a dream as I never saw it again but they are popular over there.

  • your dad is doing it right.

    145 is on the list.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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