Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I’m pretty happy with it so far. You do get an awful lot for your money. All the vans I looked at for the same money were total shit wagons, and the Disco has the bonus of being able to be a normalish car for carrying humans when needed too.

    I’ve only had one warning light so far though...... so ask me again in a few months.

  • why people bother with Defenders

    because aircon, doors that close and seats that go backwards and forwards are for southern, chai latte drinking, underpant wearers.

    also - no one does the landbrover wave from behind the wheel of a fucking disco.

  • We are pretty good at flipping the bird to other road users from behind the wheel tho.

  • Hmm sounds great. I'd like a manual one but they are all autos here in NZ, i guess they never imported any manual ones.

  • I saw a Talbot Solara out on the road earlier. I was going to keep it to myself and quietly contemplate the aesthetics, the engineering, the etc.

    but how could I keep it from you lot.

    a Talbot Solara

  • are for southern, chai latte drinking, underpant wearers.

    Apparently since 2009 87% of Defenders sales have been to urban residents of the South East.

    Where I am murked out Defenders numbers are on par with Discos and FFRR (obvs RRS beats them all tho). All that said as you head from the 'bubs into the countryside Disco 2.5 and 3 are more common that Defenders.

  • Talbot Solara

    I had to give that one a google. Sorry Jonny.

    Having looked at it for a solid 2 mins on google images, I think I've already forgotten what it looked like. The 80s had some bleak moments...

  • none bleaker dude

  • Got the Astra tarted up for some photos for the Gumtree ad. Slightly worried now as there are plenty similar cars that are probably a safer bet for the same cash (£500), and I've no doubt spent too long fannying around with it when I'll no doubt only get £300 anyway. Div.

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  • I had to drive this back to a dealer's premises today. Mondial 3.2 1987. What a heap of junk that was. I wasn't expecting much but was surprised at how shit it was. Admittedly it was only about 12 miles and the gearbox had only just become usable by the time I parked it but disappointed. It seems that old Italian cars are as good as old Italian bridges.

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  • The alpine though. (After googling)

  • This is probably very prejudice of me, but I always imagine dealers in Mercs or BMWs... Or scooters.

  • Yeah, the Mondial was basically Ferrari's low point. Even the Maestro Turbo was faster (from 50-70 in fourth gear).

  • I quite fancied a Disco 3 / 4 - they look aces, carry nearly everything and can go almost anywhere in luxury. Was only put off by the fiendish complexity and rep for mechanical seppuku of the older ones. They're dead cool though.

    Love my new van. Murmered out to the high desert last weekend at 85 with a 300lb motorbike on the back and still sipped the gas. Amazing given it's a 6lt V8 - the new ones are definitely pretty clever. It looks very boring, so I am going to call it Van Halen.

  • I’m fully in farmer country, very few people down here by new land rovers, everyone gets a pick up truck, land rovers are horrendous to drive, can’t actually fit that much in, and if you want to go off road you take a tractor...

    We have had a few Discos, on the Disco 3 issue seems to be QC, on the last one in the family the turbo died twice and then the engine seized up for no reason. The fact there are so many companies specialising in recon engines says something to me...

  • My first car was a Talbot Alpine...

  • Parents had a Talbot something or other (possibly an Alpine, my memory is hazy) and a Ford Cortina at the same time.

    Oh winter mornings were fun

  • Yeah, but style over substance.

    Ery time.

  • Am I wrong to be quite smitten with this:­hicles/e-nv200-combi.html

    I love the 70s robot look of it and feel I'd look really good wearing cord slacks, a tight salmon top and a poker visor.

  • Someone sired Katie Hopkins offspring, so there are definitely strokes for all folks.

    But it does look better than a Zafira.

  • I basically want a small combi for work and for parent taxi duties. And I figure I'd like it to be electric.­hicles/e-nv200-combi/technical-informati­on.html#versatility

    The interior capacity/layout seems perfect.

    And it's so ugly no one is going to want to steal it.

    One thing with electric vehicles (I've barely looked into them yet) - can you replace the battery? Or does it come with the car and the car dies when it does?

    Only hesitation is that I couldn't do a single run up to, say, Leeds, without stopping which with my current car I can.

  • Looks ideal, if you're going to be spending all day driving people between a hotel and airport.

  • They look pretty versatile.

    Range is shit though.

  • Yeah - range is something i just noticed - I couldn't even guarantee I'd get to my folks in Southampton from Devon :/

    edit: but looking at other vans, the Nissan seems to offer much more range - others can barely break 100..

  • sounds amazing tbh

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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