Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Four Serotta, two Klein, a Silk Road Cannondale, a full NJS, 57cm Bridgestone track bike, ISP Talbot mild groad bike, how much of a T5 is that?

  • wanting some kind of RS6 style super van thing that has 500hp just makes absolutely zero sense whatsoever.

    Speak for yourself. When I win the lottery I'm taking the RS6 to a coachwork company and getting it converted into a hi-top version.

  • The correct plural is serottae I think. I’d make a minor contribution to the T5 fund if you were serious about binning them.

  • Isn't there a speed limit on vans anyway?
    They are never gonna be as fast as a car.

  • I think it’s called the rev limiter

  • 3 CSi and a cross bike. I could probably release a couple of the CSi to be honest.

  • Not sure I can justify more bikes when my Atlanta hasn’t left the loft in the last 2 years. I think I’ve only ridden it maybe 5 times total. But it’d be nice to have an extra (extra extra extra) ‘leave at the in-laws’ bike.

  • I quite like these Disco 3's. What spec is the one you got, TDV6? I need a bigger car for towing the rally car about, I'd be tempted by one of these but they're all Auto in NZ, but maybe that's ok for a wafty 4x4 tow barge

  • I've never quite got over vans after working in bike shops for years.

    2WD 3.0 turbo hiace, RWD, skinny wheels and nothing except a bike in the back (of course you don't have to take the wheels off, these things can fit 5 bikes in them wheels on), and I've had more fun in that on a gravel road than I have had in some of my more 'sporty' cars. It was considerably easier to lose rear traction in that thing in any thing I've driven since. Extra points for being able to carry a motorbike and having a super low load tray.

    I'm not saying they handle well or have nice interiors, this thing barely had rear brakes, but I was happy doing long road trips in it to ride awesome places. Did get it stuck in a field once though. Good times. I feel a nice transporter I'd always care too much about, unless it's something like a t25 syncro I'd rather have a bit of beater.

  • If it was just to haul bikes to UK bike parks a bit of a beater would be fine, but I had a mental image of myself standing by a smoking van on the side of the autoroute looking a bit bemused, trying to work out how to get three bikes and luggage to Morzine and the van back to the UK, both at the same time.

  • Credit card.

  • Hiace is a good shout, I don't think I ever saw one in the UK... Do they even exist over there?

    We've got two at work, they're fucking huge...

  • 1KZ-TE with 250,000km on them are probably less likely to break down that an 25k mile VW TDI. We thrashed the daylights out of three of them, one had over 300k km on the clock, and the only thing I ever saw go was a starter motor.

    I think the bigger problem is living with the shit interiors. I'm not sure you'd even be able to find one in the UK. You're right, a beater Transporter is probably a bit of a liability.

  • @Dammit have you looked into the current gen ford transit? There seems to be a tuning aftermarket for those and surely they'd fit the bill for reliable, not terrible intercontinental MTB transportation?

  • Leasing a new vehicle means the T6 comes out cheaper than a Transit due to depreciation being lower, I've not really had a good look at second hand ones though.

  • *cough*

    You can even hoist your bikes in!

    That's a very pimped out wheelchair bus, makes ours look pov by comparison... Can't believe how cheap it is...

  • I thought I’d look on Gumtree to see how the Astra would compare to other £500 cars. Fuck me, absolute scenes in the listings.

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  • @Dammit - Have you considered simply buying a new bike every time you get to Morzine? You could probably do this for a few years before buying a van is the cheaper option.

  • Could you Courier your bikes out there? Then you could take the Porsche.

  • A full suspension 29er is around £8k

  • Not with us leaving the customs union, no.

  • With the added bonus of a Top Gear style race accross the continent vs the courier van to see who gets there first :)

  • From January it would need to have a carnet and be accompanied, and a bond paid to provide assurance that it was coming back (otherwise I’d have to pay duty and VAT on it in France, and potentially again when it comes back to the UK). Lots of things like this are about to get much more complex.

  • Cheers and @pullingteth that's what I suspected. The bloke in the dealer looked so disappointed when I kept saying no to it.

    Should be picking this up later today.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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