Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Used car dealer.....of course they are going to try it on.

  • Surely you can just return it if it's within the 30 days? They don't have a choice...

    [citation needed]

  • That's what I thought! Suspect I will have to put it in writing.

  • £1,000,000.00

  • Looks pretty damn shiny. How did you get on with the scratch?

    Really digging that colour...

  • tells me that the car can be rejected on the basis that it is not ‘of satisfactory quality’. This seems to tally with @Soul 's comment.

    From what I understand of your knowledge and experience from posts on here, I would certainly appreciate your comment if you have one - thanks.

  • Wanted to clean it first, see how it looks. Reckon it'll be a bit of a faff to get it looking good so want to get all the bits together and do it when I can take my time. But also just getting a professional to look at it is becoming increasingly attractive.

    And aye, absolutely loving the colour!

  • Gives you the right to reject in 30 days if it's not up to par, yes. Doesn't mean that you have an automatic right to reject though. The dealer can still say, 'weeeeell, it's second hand, and it's basically OK'. They'd be wrong, but they can still put up a fight.

    P.S. Sorry if my initial comment came across as a bit flippant. I've spent most of the day preparing PowerPoint slides and am rapidly losing the will to live. Now on slide 34, only about another 60 to go...

  • Definitely reject the car, in writing, explaining your reasons for doing so and pointing out that you bought the car from them, not the garage who did the MOT, so they're the ones who are responsible for ensuring that the car is of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose which, if it's unsafe to drive, it clearly isn't.

    I doubt the dealer will back down - second hand car dealers aren't renowned for their humility, generosity or probity - so I'd second Dammit's suggestion of taking it up with your bank and seeking a chargeback.

    If you can get something in writing from the garage that did the inspection, that would be most excellent too. Worth paying a bit for, if necessary - it might be the thing that sways the bank in your favour.


    This is a dangerous website I've just found.
    How much is shipping a car across from the states?

  • Lots. And you'd never get that through an MOT given the exposed tread on the tyres. Not without some serious fuck-off wheel arch extensions, anyway.

  • Four umbrellas, voila!

  • Jolly good. I've got a write-up from the independent inspection - a list of defects on their headed paper, with a note against the relevant one saying advised not to drive. I've got writeups of all correspondence too.

    Thanks again.

  • You can buy them in the UK as I had one, LHD tho. Lift kit and all no arch extensions needed.

    Road ride was fucking awful tho, especially road noise.

  • Spotted this morning at the beach

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  • Good luck, hope it goes well!

  • Sounds like you're well set to reject the PoS. Good luck.

  • Sweet. That reminds me, I need to register the Trav as MOT exempt. And drive it.

  • wip

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  • Ta. Out of interest, d'ya reckon I should mention that a chargeback is possible if they don't want to volunteer a resolution? Assuming of course that I can get my bank on board first.

  • Can't see it would hurt. I doubt the bank would be bothered, and it might prompt scum-dealer into doing the right thing.

  • Genuinely interesting presentation on battery tech from Tesla last night.

    Seems like they have a clear production roadmap to halving battery cost and increasing range by 50% within the next 2-3 years; culminating in the in-housing of their battery manufacturing and the release of a $25k electric car.

    Going to be a lot of nervous manufacturers of cars and batteries after that...

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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