Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Well clicking through that site for mx5 wheels pulls up those alloys so I'm hopeful. Will check a bit more before clicking the button.

  • Also make sure the centre hole (73.1mm) is the right size. Too big, and you can take up the slack with spacers. Too small and you'd need the mythical negative shims. Or you'd have to machine the rims, which would be spendy even if it was possible.

  • The pipe has probably fallen off the jet, remove the inner hatch trims to access the spoiler securing bolts, remove the spoiler but only enough to lift it up that corner as there are wires attached for the third brake light. refit it and add some tape around it for extra security.

  • Does anyone know why people replace the breathers on their E46 320d? Lots of people suggesting to put a vortex style breather on, but not many explanations!

  • Vortex type is the later one and fit and forget, the filter type needs changing every service really or they clog up and cause over pressuring of the crank case system and turbo damage.

  • Always bringing the knowledge. Cheers. Looking at dates of manufacture, I should already have a vortex in mine, but will double check!

  • Gonna (tastefully) punk this Xk120...

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  • Yessssss! This is great. Project Binky is cool and all but I like the instant gratification of this.

  • I imagine they were fed up of making things too complicated also. Great concept and obviously no form of racing is cheap but loving how accessible it feels.

  • Today’s shit show. Order car cleaning stuff so I can clean car before MOT. Go to euro car parts to pick up order, takes guy 20 minutes and several attempts to pick my order. Order incomplete so he amends my invoice saying one item is to be collected tomorrow. I double check my order at the car, and he’s amended the wrong bit on the invoice, get back in the queue to get it sorted. Takes another 20 minutes at least as I get stuck behind two complicated customers. Right, no time to wash car myself, so pay a fiver* to get the cheapest handwash, and hightail it to MOT centre. Arrive 2 minutes past 1pm, to be told that I’ve missed my slot and to come back tomorrow (test centre is an hours drive from home). This is kinda fair and definitely my own fault. Ring a friend and get recommended another garage 20 mins away. They can fit me in if I can leave the car for a couple hours. Great. Take car there and proceed to walk around tiny village for 3.5 hours hoping that the car makes it through first go. Hurrah, success.

    /csb I know. Anyone in Leeds want to buy a sweet MK IV Astra with 134k on the clock. 12 months MOT ;-)

    *I'm genuinely worried about the workers if a wash costs that little.

  • Spotted in the park on Sunday. Looked a weapon.

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  • Stopped on friday for a wash, paid a fiver. Five blokes £5 took ten minutes, so if they have a constant stream of cars £6 / hr. Mine was the only car in.

    Are we users part of the problem?

  • I very rarely use them at all (less than once a year), because each time I’m reminded of how uncomfortable I am about it. Just doesn’t add up at all. Although I guess they might price the wash cheap to get people in and make more money back on the valet.

    Either way, without a queue round the block, I don’t see any of it adding up at a fiver a wash.

  • 8 quid round this way and the economics still don’t work.

  • Sure it does. Pay the workers nothing, 10p on materials, £7.90 profit. Big win.

  • The mighty Panda is not feeling so mighty this morning and won't start. Battery fine, starter going, 1/4 of a tank of fuel.

    Called RAC as I have some cover through my insurance, but not "at home". Their website says explicitly to not extend cover if you have broken down, just call up for help instead. However, the £85 call out fee they were going to charge became £150 when the membership team said I didn't have at home cover. "You should have extended your membership first before calling". They got called contradictory cunts (almost) and I hung up.

    Any local (SE19) indies that could come out and take a look? I'm not in any rush.

  • New van day, glad I went for 2 seats up front instead of the bench. Feels more car-like.

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  • Filled out a "Clickmechanic" request form in lieu of anything else

  • New bushings (OEM Mercedes):

    8 days labour and the cost of parts is the estimate, so 3.5-4k I reckon.

  • I admire your attention to detail and deep pockets. You certainly love a project

  • The Panda lives, as you were.

  • Well, it was this or scrap it, and I don't want to scrap it. I could have nursed it through a "sympathetic" MOT, probably, but that wouldn't have found the brake lines which were apparently very dangerously corroded where they ran over the top of the subframe.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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