Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Do you really have to ask? 2 litre diesel van versus 6.2l Q-car estate?

  • You killed a honda jazz......How?

  • Honda Jazz died today

    Cause of death?

  • Based on all that data you posted the best car to buy, on balance, is a Porsche. Or Kia.

  • I have only driven it one mile

  • Was on last legs from last MOT. Trusted garage in Scotland where it had been serviced for 15 years.

    Lots of welding needed though. Which we knew. And covid mot extension kept it on the road.

    But then alternator went. Just simply no longer viable.

  • I'd still be buying the van

  • Hence the Kia eniro being on my list. But they only have access to the public charge network which is shit.

  • I saw that recall list but didn't understand the data. I'm sure I'm reading it wrong but doesn't it suggest that most manufacturers recall more cars than they make?

  • Or recall one model a couple of times.

  • a Honda Jazz died today. If you could all observe a 15 minute silence on this thread it would be much appreciated

    Sorry to hear that. There is only one good way to say goodbye...

  • Ah, so that's what a money pit looks like.

  • ... yup. They have multiple recalls per vehicle sold.

    Plenty of high-quality cars being built.

  • I’m estimating three grand for the work being done to make up for the cheap paint Mercedes used in 2007.

    I would hope that this aspect of the car would then be good for another ten years at least, but of course who knows what else will need attention in that time.

    As I have said before, I suspect many won’t bother to do this, and also for many this problem will crop up at MOT time and the car will be broken for parts.

  • imagine one of those v8s in an esprit...

  • Me being me I’d love the whole drivetrain in a 240 estate.

  • Quite shocking really, you just don't expect a car of that age needing work like that. Still, it's honorable in a weird way that you are bothering to keep the car healthy. More environmentally conscious than scrapping it and buying a Tesla.

  • put the v8 in a tesla

  • there was a lovely cx gti turbo on ebay recently. low miles, so £££, but it was lovely.

  • Were you asking about a C5? Presumably the x7 series? No direct experience but they still look fairly contemporary and the interiors look super comfortable. I know many people here in the French car circles think they're the best car ever made. My mechanic thinks they're good, but the Diesel ones can have issues. Personally, I'd love to own a hydractive car . Very nearly bought a xantia once.

  • Because I'm looking at automatics the range at local dealers is pretty minimal in the sub £8k or so band I'm looking at.

    Cargiant is looking like the likely option at the moment.

  • I was thinking it would be a lovely drivetrain in an S124

  • That's insane.

  • yeah I saw that as having being monitoring the bay and other places for a while.

    as much as I would like to drive a CX GTI for a few days I don't think I would go down the route of owning one. probably get something a little more sedate - the Pallas being my first choice.

    but will see if and when the time comes

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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