Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Do you mean the inner arch liners?

  • Maybe. They seem to be much more aware and in control of the cars features post release.

    If I remember correctly, they released an OTA update to improve braking power which is nuts. Then you look at the new VW ID.3 which has been delayed because software updates needed to be made manually so 40k vehicles needed to be plugged in, in massive tents at the factory.

  • Parenthood-induced lack of free time!

    If/when I eventually upgrade I'm planning on keeping this one and giving it a proper restoration. Not something I can do when it's used as a daily-driver (though obviously a lot less over the past half year)

  • Well my parent used me as a helper...and fire warden. ;)

  • Hah! First job is home-brewing assistant, fire-warden may well be next up

  • Given the number of systems operating semi-independently, implemented using general-purpose microcontrollers/CPUs rather than having their logic implemented in hardware, it seems a bit short-sighted to be relying on physical access to every single car to deliver the updates. VW, I am dissappoint.

  • I think it's where legacy car companies are making the biggset mistakes at the moment. Especially as they historically farm out all sensors etc to 3rd parties etc.

    This is a pic of the original software being installed on the ID.3 at the factory:

    Phase 1 (of two) takes 7 hours with a USB stick ffs.

  • Yep, pondering an AA check. Although it's just another thing to try and sort with the cost if you don't buy it (although may obviously save you substantial cost).

    @lynx something dull. Honda Jazz, Fiesta, vauxhall meriva, that kind of vein. Options are a bit more limited as I'm only looking at automatics.

  • Can you buy from a used from a franchise dealer? Ie, Jazz from a Honda dealer?

    They're more likely to be familiar with issues and resolve before selling. That or Car Giant etc might provide slightly more recourse for post purchase issues...

  • Not sure if you've sat in an Aston Martin from the mid 2010s but their indicator stalks are from the Ford Focus...

    Jaguar X Type actually.
    Not sure why people moan about this to be honest. They are really good indicator stalks.
    (It's the Volvo window switches and satnav which are truly below par.)

  • If you look at citroen semiautos, buy one with issues as it is manual box with hydraulics rebuilding the hydraulics is cheap and quite easy. You'll be doing it anyway.

  • I’m not moaning about it and certainly wouldn’t cross the car off my list because of it. Was just arguing that established manufacturers don’t always have good interior quality just because they are established or because they charge lots of money.

    The sat nav on that gen of astons though...

  • Tesla is probably like SpaceX and just runs Linux on All The Things. Updating firmware on lots of individual controllers is HORRIBLE.

  • a Honda Jazz died today. If you could all observe a 15 minute silence on this thread it would be much appreciated

  • This is a joke, surely...

  • Both I and VW wish.

    The head of the ID project lost his job over how shit the design of their software is...

  • thanks all. most of you observed that. The Yazz embraces the big sleep tonight

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  • it's too upsetting to put an actual pic of the yazz up

  • The marquee and the laptops... I’m dying.

    And this is the best they could come up with after getting pummelled by dieselgate?

  • the only way is up?

  • my central locking issues were just the drivers door catch - mintox! bad news is i need a new radiator.

  • Ha, yeah. Was passed down to missus through the family. Owes nobody nothing. Was good little runaround for 18 years.

    And now there is room on the drive for me to pick up a CX.

    (too soon of course to share that out loud)

  • A or B

  • That doesn't appear to be an e class

  • The turbochargers make me feel dirty

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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