Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • It's true so I said it twice

  • Sadly the charging network situation is, erm, contradicting you.

    I was in Fleet services for a coffee recently, the Tesla chargers were operational, the other ones were all off - cue much consternation from drivers of non-Teslas who had pulled in looking for some juice.

  • Ah yes, infrastructure. Arses.

    Again, fucking Elon Musk. Also fucking UK government. This shit should be nationalised, or at least regulated for interoperability.

    Ideally across some kind of Union of European countries or something.

  • Tesla has, with their charging network, secured a huge (structural) advantage over every other player. I can't see Volvo investing in infrastructure globally to charge their cars, so we're left waiting for Shell/others to pull the trigger on doing it.

  • @Dammit has already argued the point but still...


    150kw max charging on the polestar (if you’re lucky to find a working public charger above 50kw). 250kw on Tesla V3 chargers. There’s loads of them.

    Also, real world range in winter is probably going to be around 210/220 miles given the efficiency difference between it and the Tesla as currently tested.

    That’s not enough wiggle room on my regular 200 mile journey.

  • What's the four seater equivalent of this?

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  • When you say do the reverse, do you mean putting your modified 996 engine in all three cars?

  • This:

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  • Did my first “proper” trip since passing and getting a car. London to Cornwall. Basically a straight line but had to take a couple of breaks due to small human needing nappy changes etc.

    It’s definitely a different thing driving around narrow lanes though. Cracks me up that you’re allowed to do 60 on some of those roads with blind corners and barely wide enough for one car. I was going about half that and still had a few puckering moments of surprise cars coming head on round bends.

    There’s a special place in hell for people that slow down for Stone Henge.

  • Martin (who has both a DB9 and a 911 C2) says that, stock, the DB9 would have the advantage on an open track with long straights, the C2 would be faster when the ability to turn and maintain corner speed was key. To quote “as long as the C2 didn’t need to change out of third it would win”.

    Our project is addressing the power deficit and enhancing suspension and brakes on the 911.

  • This:

    Back in the day, when we were free men. Was walking across the road in Lyon, on a gloriously summers day, and the first car that had stopped was a Citroen Ami 8* convertible with the most beautiful girl driving it. My jaw must have dropped, then beamed a smile because she gave me a little wave. I nearly fainted, I was 58.


    • or 6, don't know the difference
  • On a different note all the companies that would lease a T6 Kombi are business customers only- anyone aware of somewhere that would lease to a private individual?

  • Ideally across some kind of Union of European countries or something.

    There is a mandatory EU standard for high current DC chargers already. The main problem isn't the physical connection, that's fairly trivial. The main problem is the billing system, and the absence of ad hoc payment systems.

  • Become a business? Your engine work has taken some investment.

    No legal nounce at all



    If they’re good enough for Steve Peat, should cover your needs

  • Ben Cathro is sponsored by a van customisation company- that will only lease to businesses.

  • “From” £756/month.

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  • Citroen don't make one but ZOE or leaf.

  • The Ami is what, 6500€? Paired down, just the thing for no frills, short distance travel. Both the Zoe and Leaf are in a class above. I'd like to see a similarly low cost 4 seat option.

  • Eclectic mix of spots again this week, a 1934 Rolls. Nice to see one not on wedding duty and running boards are always cool. It looks like it was styled, and then someone said 'where's the luggage go?...ah shit, we'll just bolt a chest on the back, no one will notice'.

    Nicest Alfa Spider I've seen in ages, loving the green exterior and black interior combo.

    And this is another addition to my niche collection of rear light porn :)
    A 1972 Cadillac deville, 7.7 litre V8 barge. I'd love one of these converted to electric, maybe not a daily driver in London tho.

    And this last one is straight into the anti-porn rear light category. Nice 1600 GT Capri, car looks great from the front/side, but what the hell happened to the rear lights, looks like some old American cars lights or some old Datsun cluster just slapped on, lob on lost.

  • The Ami is already at the weight limit for quadricycles. If the four seater version weighed any more it would have to be classed as a car with all the extra rules that entails.

  • "And Papa Johns is the fourth emergency service of the apocalypse."


  • It’s funny because it’s true.

  • Good point. I didn't have a long look, but am confused by the legislation, both France and UK rules states a quadricycle can't be >350kg, yet the Ami is 485kg with battery.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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