Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I think so, I'm planning a roadtrip around the UK in the car for next month (The NC500 is just too much driving). So far the plan is >Cardiff>Snowdonia>Liverpool>Lake district>Edinburgh.

    I'll decide what to do with the car on the back of how much fun this trip is.

  • My favourite 911.

  • I’m thinking of doing the NC500 on the motorbike in early October. 8 days with 2 days travel either side.

  • i * think * i have been around castle combe in that super. that is super orig, part from the alfaholics running gear upgrades.

    very cool car.

  • Spoke to a mechanic about the broken injector. Apparently £250 ish just for the part, then prob an hour or two of labour. So about £350 all in. For a £1500 car with a dodgy particle filter... Not sure it makes financial sense to keep it anymore

  • Ah cool. I guess that’s a pretty good way to establish how you feel about the car!

  • Can you your source a 2nd hand injector, does it have to be coded to the ECU? Could it be a coding issue as I know some fords had that issue. Have had luck cleaning blocked electronic injectors.

  • Wow excellent, that sounds hella fun.

    And another uber cool treat spotted today. I've never seen one of these in the wild before, its bloody massive, so wide, burble like an approaching earthquake, and the interior, colour and condition are amazing.

    Along with that gold Alfa Montreal I saw a few months ago this is in the top 2 coolest cars I've seen this year/ever. A 1976 3.9 litre V12 Lamborghini Espada.

  • yes that is one of the coolest ever for sure. watched the Harrys Garage episode where he picked his up from some specialist just last week. incredible looking car and my favourite lambo by a mile.

  • According to my mechanic 2nd hand injectors is a bad idea long term. As labour might be a fair bit of the total cost, it might be a bad idea to cheapen out on parts

  • I had an engine management light last week in the Clio - I knew this was due to running the car low on fuel and potentially clogging the injectors(a quick internet search confirmed this). I've since added a bottle of injector cleaner to the tank and now done 200 miles with no engine warning light. Worth a shot for £6

  • Hm. Valid point. Diesel as well?

    My injector is leaking as well, the top of the engine is full of soot

  • Spotted in Crianlarich, I was stranded there after the clutch cable snapped on my Transalp.

    Was on my way up to the North Coast 500. Seeing this on minilites brightened my day.

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  • Nice thumbs up from the driver

  • @nefarious If the airbag light goes on and off chances are it is the passenger seat mat sensor, that is about the only fault that can occur and not cause the light to stay on permanently.

    It detects someone sitting in the passenger seat so if it is empty it only fires the drivers airbag, if it goes faulty and cannot sense anyone sitting there it defaults to firing both any way just in case someone is sitting there :)

  • Cool, any ideas how to sort the light? Easy to wire through to permanent on? It's an MOT fail if it's on so I'm keen to get it sorted.

  • Another BMW question - my E61 (manual) sometimes jumps out of 1st when you go to pull away. Seems to happen a lot more in hot weather (and when Mrs Hammer is driving) - any reason for this inconsistency? Could it be solved by a gearbox oil change?

  • I'm sorry?

    • The fibreglass roof has signs of rust


  • Are you thinking of getting a DS?

  • That car is pure filth.

  • The idea is buy an injector that has been replaced/new ish

    What car and engine? Got a photo of the injector, where it leaks from.

  • Might be cured by an oil change - could be due to it being low on oil. Or it could be worn synchros. Probably worth treating it to an oil change before resorting to open box surgery.

  • Are you thinking of getting a DS?

    For years now!

  • Duuude.

  • Problem is, given that I'm me, it would turn into an epic money pit in pico-seconds.

    For e.g. I saw that one on Collecting Cars and immediately started Googling "Tesla conversion".

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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