Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Or maybe Augusts. I cant remeber.

  • They were painted in the same colour as his Ferarri tho, that I do rember. Canna Di Fucille.

  • Same colour as my Qashqai! 😘

  • The natural upgrade I think?

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  • That's excellent. I'd do that if I could, and if I had 3 matching frames, and if I had 3 houses in different countries.

  • Shit colour for a bike imo.

    Should have gone Mash Grey. Or Crayon Grey as they bourgeois say.

  • Black and white pic stolen from a friends FB, yesterday somewhere in north london, apparently the safari was also used as a filming car something to do with the suspension.

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  • Nice but,

    i think that's an ID not a DS due to the non hydraulic brakes..
    and it's a 1970 not a 72
    lot of work done on it though by the sound of things!

  • In actual fact, I'd probably never sleep in one as I have a good tent, mat and bag, but the desire for a day van is still very real.

    It would be nice to be able to drive to a trail centre with wife and dog, with bikes inside the vehicle, lap trails while wife walks dog, and not be under pressure to leave as soon as they're finished (ie somewhere nice with facilities to make tea and lunch, mobile Internet and a tv), while i finish riding.

    My dream of campervans is exactly this. But includes toilet. I'm of that age

  • My uncle had one of those when I was growing up, with the hydraulics. Amazing looking thing, like a sleek whale. Absolutely loved it.

    Bit of a boring question and possibly not the right forum for it (this clearly is much more about car appreciation than advice) but if anyone does have any advice for me I'd greatly appreciate. I've got £6k to spend on a city car - I've not owned a car for a good 15 years, so I don't really know much about modern cars. Don't need anything huge or fast, just something reliable which won't feel completely delicate on the motorway, FSH, 80k miles, decent marque, petrol, some resell value. I don't have kids so a two seater is fine but it'd be nice to take my niece out for trips from time to time.

    I've been looking on Autotrader and getting insurance quotes and the range of cars available to me, and insurable, is mental:

    • VW Polo, about 8 years old
    • VW Golf, about 10 years old
    • Saab 93 convertible, about 10 years old
    • BMW Z4, about 12 years old

    Any advice? I've got off street parking in front of my window so I can afford to go a bit flash but I wonder if I'm just being a bit mid-life crisis-y about the whole thing. A grey german box would do the job.

  • Gotta love the hype.­2951776256?s=20

    Chucked a Gandini designed Ghibli in cause its cool.

  • R53 Cooper S would be my choice

    EDIT or a Mk5 Golf GTi

  • That budget and requirements don't really narrow down what you can buy.

    It's worth comparing road tax VED costs which can feel steep* if you're not using the car every day. I think all petrol Saabs are in the higher bands, whereas slightly smaller cars can be much lower.

    I've found Polos a bit jittery at motorway speeds.

    (* although still a bargain)

  • Fiesta or Focus are better to drive than the VW equivalents. Honda Jazz is probably the best car for your needs (bar golf club rep)..

  • On campers, double figures vw effort where I am today

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  • Honda Civic is probably the best car for your needs


  • £2k (max, pref under £1k) banger for commuting at NSL on non-bike days? Needs to be cheap to run/repair and happy sitting unused. Would like boy-racer potential to embarrass mrs hammer/mini hammer!
    Thinking golf GTI ~2002...

  • Shits getting real.

  • convert this into a camper?­1680

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  • Stay Puft?



  • £6k to spend on a city car
    Any advice?

    If its just you get something fun, but which is easy to park. I was too young to drive it, but my mum found her mk1 MX5 good in the city, so I'd look at the mk2.5 1.8 Sport if you can find one with no rust. No idea on the more modern MX5.

    MINI Cooper is a good shout. 4 up with luggage is tight, but as a single/couple car it's brilliant. Only had a base One R56 which was great and is still being used by my folks. Solid, good quality interior happily drove down to France in it. All MINIs have good handling and are fun.

    Golf GTI also fits the bill, although it's actually quite a big hatchback - which has it's pros / cons. I've got a Mk6 1.4tsi which I like but idk how economical it is sometimes - although it's usually got a shit load of stuff in it.

    Overall I think a MINI is your best bet. The depreciation is good. BMW made. They're popular enough to be able to sell. And TBH it's the only small car that I can think of that's properly solid. Eg or a convertible.

    Fwiw a sooped up R56 convertible would be in my lotto win collection.

  • Saxo VTS if you can still find one.

    Edit was going to say you won't be able to get a clio 182 for £2k but ebay says you can.

  • Found a couple of stripped out 172s locally but I would like a heater and less warning lights on the dash!

  • Throwback Thursday. Rover SD1 EFi, the plush Vanden Plas V8 model. For a 1985 Rover it looks in amazing condition, I stared in disbelief....and in black it looks great.

  • If only Ferrari had this 4syte.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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