Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I've already made the eye test gag

  • I’m debating swallowing the Chunnel ticket cost on Saturday and trying for a berth on Friday night in order to beat the deadline.

  • Mine reads as follows:
    < exclusions >

    1. Any claim that results from you travelling to a country or an
      area where the (FCO) Foreign and Commonwealth Office
      advice at the time that you purchase your policy or book an
      individual trip, whichever is the latter, is not to travel to this
      country or area.

    So should be legit as booked when France was terra grata

  • I’m going to go unless France introduce a reciprocal quarantine. I’ll make a call on trying to get there on Friday night tomorrow morning. Would be easier if it’s ok to travel on my existing booking.

  • Looks like we're going to cancel. Brittany Ferries website now down

  • Citroen Ami name is being reused...on an electric citroen.

  • Ive just bought a new Transit custom, direct from ford for £22k. 185bhp with captain seats instead of the bench up front. It’s worth giving them a call. No body kit either.

    Amazing you can buy a new better spec’ed van for less than what private sellers want second hand.

  • In a moment of speculation went on the Fiat Ducato configurator. you can spend £51k on a van without trying. On a van.

  • Finally, shame it’s come at a time where BMWs are unbuyable due to ugliness

  • TBF that goes for all German Marques copying drift couture.

  • Yeah, they’ll put gopping grills on it like all their current stuff.

  • I'm also booked to fly to France tomorrow, think I'll cancel.

  • downsides far outweighed the upsides for us

  • I’ve cancelled my French hotels and booked in Switzerland- someone please take Grant Shapps phone away from him.

  • Thread needs a pick me up.

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  • Is that even car related?

  • "lamborghini" decal should be in the Live Laugh Love thread

  • Are those original Countach wheels, (all fronts) or do we think they are replicas made for the kit car industry?

  • Can someone remind me of the name of the hotel in/near Troyes that was recommended?

    I booked, but I’m buggered if I can find the booking in my email and I can’t remember the name of it.

  • Found it, Le Val de Moret

  • So far:

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  • Sky roof looks...shit. Thanks Thule.

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  • If I want to add a 25mm ID inlet to this intake pipe, should I get it welded in or would a threaded one do? It's for a turbo recirc.

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  • Two and half centimeters is a bit large, IMO, because of the curve to be threaded.

    Weld or braze it your self with one of those sticks.

  • Did you go for the R36? I've had an urge to get one of these recently too... Wagon. I've got an R32 and love it, but would like something similar with a bit more space.

    Spotted this one on Autotrader imported from Japan. Does anyone know how this works? They register it etc and you drive it away? How much of a bad idea would this be?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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