Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Who can recognise this engine?

  • Is that outside The Londesborough? I think any car that asks you to enquire inside the pub needs to be purchased forthwith

  • The Londesborough.

    Christ that was a life away.

  • Yeah love it. Parked up by the pub long before it was for sale, when lived on the rd (Londesborough pub N16)

    “Too old. Too silly. Imagine what we’d look like getting out of it says GF”

    I’m am 6’2 and she 6’ Probably going to buy a Skoda Citigo 😐😐😐😑

  • Ha yeah hadn’t seen this, yep it is.

  • Used to live on the rd. Always the Shakespeare over the Londesborough. Place was more a wedding venue than pub. Shut basically every Friday and Saturdays for weddings.

  • I had one as my first car, I’m 6’2”, I fit fine. They are surprisingly roomy- but I’d not want to crash one.

  • Probably been asked a million times but is the premium petrol just marketing?

  • My Suby loves 98, it roars when it's got that in the tank...

    Honest answer... Not sure...

  • No. The higher octane can mean that in some cars the ECU can be more aggressive on ignition timing and boost levels. For a runabout shopper, it's a waste of money. For high compression or turbo engines with knock sensors and adaptive ECUs it's worth using

  • So for a 1.5 TSI, probably a waste of money?

    Got a long trip coming up and wondered if there was some boost in highway mileage From using RON97.

  • That’s a modern, small capacity high pressure turbo, no? It’s exactly the type of car I’d use decent fuel in.

  • As a 1.2 TSI owner, it always feels nicer to drive when I've splashed out on the premium stuff. Bit of an mpg improvement too, but probably not enough to balance the cost.

  • Worth noting that the car doesn't have a sensor to detect the type of fuel, instead it (may) adjust the timing until it either starts to detect knock/detonation and then back it off or reaches the max value. This "learning" can take a while as there is a large lookup table of engine load, rpm and timing that it has to update.

  • Got a long trip coming up and wondered if there was some boost in highway mileage From using RON97.

    If the ECU can advance the ignition timing more with the higher octane fuel then you might end up with more efficient combustion and so higher mpg. Against that you've got to offset the lower specific calorific value of the higher octane fuel and, of course, the increased price. Then there's the complicating factor that, IIRC, the 1.5 TSI uses a Miller combustion cycle at some points in the engine map, which will tend to reduce knock and might mean that there's no benefit in using higher octane fuel since the ignition timing will be optimised already with 95RON stuff.

    So that's a definite maybe from me. Only way to find out is to test it, I suspect. Like danb says, the engine will need time to adapt to any change of fuel.

  • That's a Porsche 986 or 996 motor.

  • Yes we had our reception there! It was great (game-changing bit of lamb) although I did think hang on, if it’s shut for functions half the time how does it work as a local? I guess what you’re saying is it doesn’t.

  • Agree the Shakespeare is a better local though.

  • Shakespear are cool with lots of bikes in the pub too

  • They actually came to our rescue at the 11th hour after The Alma shut unexpectedly, or rather was bought out by a pubco and forced to sell economy lager and a dry white wine for the little lady, so the landlord shuttered it

  • Is a van with 102 bhp going to be as miserable as I think it is?

  • It'll be even worse.

  • When talking about the premium fuels you also have to look at the additives/detergent mixes in with the fuel.

    All unleaded petrol grades are the same distilled oil the only difference is the additives/detergents that different vendors add. If you want proof, how many oil distelleries companies are there.

    Finally it is in your head, as has been mentioned a few times on this thread.

    If you are bored, find a cut up open anti knock sensor to see what it is then look how many cars have them.

    Do shell still do the 100 optimax?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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