Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • If it is, don't they do about 15mi to the gallon?

  • Thanks. It certainly is.

  • About 25mpg average on this journey of Autoroutes and Nationales

  • Hi, does anyone know of a good car electrician, that will come to you? Based in SE27. Have a possible bad connection on my AC. Been re-gassed and suspect part replaced. Still no joy!

  • Massive tank too I'm assuming.

  • I don't know about mobile, but there's a guy just outside M25 in your direction who is an absolute Aircon genius. Great website.

  • How is your windscreen not splattered with dead things?

    So from the MPG you weren't driving ;) Safe journey.

  • Just the absolute best wheel

  • Picked this up yesterday. Bit of a project with a fair list of to-dos already.

    Cracking on with the oily bits but also want to upgrade the stereo as the current one is a bit shagged. First the head unit - question is what is the forum approved period looking head unit? Needs Bluetooth connectivity for Spotify, calls, waze from my iPhone.

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  • Acccceeeeeeeee

  • Lovely!

  • Looks fantastic! Older BMW are so great.

    I've got this Continental headunit fitted in my R53 which has Bluetooth and gets the job done very nicely. There are fancier alternatives available but they're also much speedier. I think this was c.€120.

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  • Heart says Blaupunkt Bremin SQR but wallet says something more like the Continental.

  • I have the Blaupunkt, it's menu system is, erm, challenging.

  • Can you make outgoing calls from the Continental? Or just answer when called?

  • Hmmm, in a weird way very glad to hear this as it might make the decision a lot easier.

  • The sound quality is very good, but the hands-free call quality is a dramatic step backwards from my Becker Cascade Pro. I'm likely to swap it for something else sooner rather than later, as it's not really doing it for me. I'll likely end up with the Porsche Classic Communications Manager, but the outputs on that are annoying.

  • I haven't tried actually but I'll have a go when I get it back from alternator replacement next week and let you know.

  • Little lunchtime Lotus spot

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  • Mmmm.

    What colour would you like Sir?

    Dick cheese pls.

  • a few years back a mobile car mechanic came to fix* MrsDeths car, arrived in a Lotus Esprit.
    I asked if he spent more time fixing that than other peoples cars.
    Pretty much was the conclusion.

    *not fix, but assess if it was fixable, he didn't carry his toolkit about in his Lotus.

    Edit: Lotus is an acronym "Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious" #dadjoke

  • Lotus is great, looks absolutely mint condition.

    I saw this cool 1957 AC Ace in Brixton this morning, its a Bristol engined one from about 4 years before Shelby decided to drop a V8 in one and create the Cobra.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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