Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Oh I'd love another long nose 2 seater - I did a driving day near Silverstone years ago and got to drive a number of cars very quickly. The one I excelled in was the the Jag XK.

    Fair warning, any lottery win will make me a full on Skyline GTR wanker.

    But the Beetle has been Race Chip upgraded. It is now a very poky 2L

    One of these....

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  • Double dip Montes are hot. Top ride. Needs bags and 100 spoke Daytons, natch.

  • Pfft. 1995. It would have been under glow.

  • Talking of flash wheels I got tyres fitted today, freshly blasted and powder coated.
    New rims would have been cheaper/better but I wanted to keep the originals with their made in Belgium stamping, only made in France are available new.

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  • Can't put a price on integrity ;)

  • You can just about see it in this pic.

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  • love it. Epic stuff C

  • This XJC caught my eye this evening in a random pub car park after recent thread exposure

  • & this immaculate Escort RS Turbo

  • Thanks I hope to get it to the paint shop this week!
    I have been saying this to myself for the last month though.

  • Some 2CV Beachcomber action from the Lot valley this week.

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  • While our own transport was rather more suitable for the cross-continental trip.

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  • Whereabouts in the Lot where you?

  • Bélaye, at my in-laws’ house. Driving home tomorrow.

  • Bélaye

    Nice! I’ve headed that way plenty of times.

    My parents are just the other side of Cahors in Saint Martin de Vers.

    Looking forward to a trip down there in October (assuming we’re allowed...)

  • strange - that pic made me really nostalgic for France.

    not been for quite a few years.

  • Not strange- France 🇫🇷 is ace. Love the place

  • Saw an old dude in an immaculate metallic grey Noble M12 or M400 in Cambridge, cool as fuck

  • @johnnettles2 browsing through Guy Allen's Instagram... Thought this would make nice garage poster for your ds­?igshid=3okb0jg2r37w

    Having trouble linking image... Try this

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  • Renault 10 in the background. Used to have one, apt to reverse itself if pushed hard.

  • I think I need to put a portrait of Farage on my bonnet so that when they glance in the mirror to look behind other motorists instinctively recoil in disgust and pull over

  • Time to head home. Bonus knees!

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  • Regrettably, this will only work 45% of the time. Worse still, you will make a lot of new friends, many of whom will drive black cabs. Try a picture of Dominic Cummings for maximum effect.

  • Can definitely think of worse ways to do a road trip. Is it a DB9?

  • Fitted the wheels that have been in the garage for about 2 years to the MX5.

    Also adjusted the ride height but I've gone too low on the front. I need to raise it back up.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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