Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • The toys were never two tone tho. Cheap fuckers.

  • Yeah he dug the pit and bricked it up himself years back! just big enough to squat down under the car and cover yourself in oil :)

    Haynes is great, could probably have done everything I did yesterday with it but was good to have someone hand holding. Jack stands in an empty side street will probably be enough, and what I'll do next time I imagine

  • Don't suppose anyone else has owned an f21 BMW and experienced juddering in the steering (can also be felt through the car) at 75mph+ ?
    Took it to the local garage after driving back from Norfolk last week and they thought it might be the front suspension arms but weren't 100% so they just made sure it was safe and rebalanced the wheels. It's helped a little but not much.

    In Wales for the next couple of weeks but would like to take it to a decent BMW garage in London (preferably south) when I get back to get them to chase the problem down. Any recommendations?

  • In traction control fault news: Garage confirmed its a faulty calliper which is sticking so getting a new one and some pads hopefully tomorrow - just in time for a mammoth 450 mile trip down south.

    Who should I go with for Roadside assistance. Have previously had Adrian Flux but it was never the most reasonable. Also want home start as I have been caught out on that too.

  • After 2 years of Mrs B using the wheels as kerbfinding devices, they have been refurbished with the centres getting a cheeky bit of added metal flake. Diamond polishing of rims removed all sign of parking by feel.

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  • Although most of the paint is adhering to local hedgerows, purchase of a proper car polishing tool and a lot of potions has helped considerably. I only had to have the nose repainted and refitted, the valence was hanging off from her definitely not hitting anything, ever.

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  • Love it.

    Colour is great.

  • But who did the damage?
    He doth protest too much, I think.

  • Not guilty m'Lud, I was only allowed occasional weekend visiting rights. She Who Must be Obeyed now has a buttercup yellow Honda Jazz to wreck at her leisure, with outstanding originality she has named it 'Buttercup'.

    Actually, for an ageing daily driver it scrubbed up well, the car is fine too. If she ever reads that sentence I shall shortly be appearing in the 'RIP' thread, deservedly.

  • Is it just the steering that the vibration can be felt from. Does the gear stick Vibrate too?

  • Is it just the steering that the vibration can be felt from. Does the gear stick Vibrate too?

  • Fair enough, just sounde a bit suspect

  • Don't worry, I'll fuck it up soon enough....

  • Can feel it when I rest my clutch foot and you can feel it a bit as a passenger too.
    I don't think its the steering rack if that's what you're asking (neither did mechanic)?

  • What happens when the Jazz is getting fixed and your good lady needs to use your car? 😬

  • I have a big vibration prob but the mechanic can’t track it down. If it had been a new car he would have a garage change bits until it was sorted. As it’s not new, I have to wait for something to break. May be a drive shaft but that’s only a notion.

  • Where do the fishing rods go more liek?

  • The result is very fine! What was the polishing tool, which the potions?

  • In this!

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  • yeah that has come up great. and not a curb to be seen in the pic. so something not adding up.

  • Poorboys dual action polisher with various sponge pads. Clay bar followed by Poorboys medium compound, Mer ultimate car polish, Meguiars carnauba wax. Plus the small matter of a day and a half of my life I won't be getting back.

  • Not on my driveway, but the council insist on putting them by the side of roads. Something to do with pedestrians I believe.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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