Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Looks like I'm doing a couple of days in Paris ish this week and no car that I fully trust to complete it... fuck sticks.

    Can't hire a car or van to do the run as it is leaving the country...and telling lies might not go down well if anything happens.

    Should I buy a random left hooker car and see what happens?

  • I've never been told i couldn't take hire cars out of the country

  • I’ve now become strangely obsessed with estates. Is that normal?


  • Asked if the insurance and breakdown covered going to France and was told no.

  • Yep, total dad wagon. It looks fast from the front at least. Really not a fan of the mk8 but maybe they can do some magic with the next R estate...

    Anyway, this one is for carrying shite all over the place and getting used as a shed on wheels.

    Dash cams. Yay or nay?

  • Talking of estates as we do, weekly, thoroughly enjoying my 3.0 H6 Outback purchased here. It's been exactly what we wanted and the perfect vehicle for hauling furniture, runs to the dump and driving on awful roads when fishing.

    Uncharacteristically for me haven't done any maintenance and it hasn't missed a beat, apart from the battery currently being on the way out. It's like driving around a creamy sofa with a decent amount of poke when you put your foot down. Only criticism I have is it's a little thirsty and it's no sports car in the tight stuff but that's to be expected.

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  • Cant think of any reasons to not get a dashcam. Most insurers will give a discount if you have one

  • As long as you don't take to posting the videos on YouTube it's pretty sensible IMO.

    While I'm on the subject, is it just me or are the majority of dashcam owners on the dashcam compilation channels actually really shit drivers with absolutely no hazard perception skills?

  • Hah! Yeah I mostly associate dash cams with Russian street fighting videos and asteroids. I do quite like the self-policing aspect of it though - little reminder to not be stupid.

  • Didn’t know that - speaking to insurers on Monday so will enquire. Cheers.

  • Might also save you some bills one day if you can use it to prove an accident wasnt your fault. Only reason I didnt get one last time i reupped insurance was because the discount they offered was under the cost of the dashcam

  • If you're interested, I've a lightly used battery (S4 027 Bosch) from our 2011 Legacy that may fit. Bought a replacement then promptly solved the car's current draw issue.

  • Anyone have a recommendation for a body shop around north east London?

    I need to get the Skoda tidied up a bit.

  • Bodyshop or dent people?

  • I think I need more than dent people can manage.

  • Want to get a tow bar supplied and installed to my VW Golf.

    Online mobile fitting quotes are around £600. Waiting for a VW dealer to quote, but assume will be the same.

    Anyone know of any good independent garages that can do it for a better price?

  • Depending on where you are...

    I've used these people who were very good and less than main dealer cost:­ge-39/

  • was good to spot a little brother when in Hove on Saturday.

    Same guy had a Ford Galaxie 500 parked up in his drive. (partly in shot)

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  • Having really bad brake fade with the OEM pads on my 190 at the moment, does anyone have a recommendation for pads which won’t cook after 10 minutes of hard driving?
    Am swapping the discs out for some drilled Brembo numbers but thought I may aswell get decent pads at the same time.

  • Very nice, but not a patch on yours

  • The Fiat must be less than half the length of a Galaxie. I saw one the other day too.

    And a nice old Dodge

    But the best car of the week, in fact without a doubt the coolest car I've seen all year, is this. I've never seen one in the flesh before, off the scale cool . Alfa Romeo Montreal.

  • Brembo most likely do an OEM replacement? Otherwise EBC Yellowstuff are supposed to be good fast road pads.

    That Montreal is superb in gold! They're such an underappreciated car!

  • Thanks, there is a Brembo option but from last experience they weren’t an awful lot better then OEM. Wondering if anyone has experience with the Yellowstuff as a friend tells me they were a bit shite until warmed up and I unfortunately still have to use this daily. Am I looking for too much in a pad which is decent while cold but also can take a battering?

  • Greenstuff (lighter vehicles) and Redstuff (heavier vehicles) are supposed to be less aggressive and more daily focussed than Yellowstuff.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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