Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • You leave it set to recirculate?

  • All good points but they won’t do it because fuel economy

  • If it has leaked that will be trickier than a simple fix unrelated to gas normally.

    One thing you can do is put a die in the system to work out where the leak is coming from. E.g. quick google found this kit on eBay (not recommending this one):­Kit-Ultra-Violet-Leak-Detection-Dye-For-­Car-Air-Conditioning-RLD1-/260924844698

  • Both sport mode and a/c should always be on imo.

    Apparently if you leave your a/c on all the time the seals are less likely to dry out so you're less likely to have problems.

  • I’d imagine a/c has a negligible impact on fuel economy in most modern cars

  • I’d wager you are wrong but I don’t have data.

    Our 10000btu /hr heat Pump is 1000 watts and the rest.

  • In my old 306 the fuel economy goes from 10l/100klm to 12l/100klm and even then it nothing more than a slightly cool and weak breeze whilst making 89dB of noise.

    Still, last summer when it hit 45ºc I was thankful for the noisy, slightly cooling breeze!

    Mind you, the 2015 Audi is no better. My Dads old toyota corolla (1996) has freezing AC... it's never needed a regas.

  • The increased drag from having the windows open typically outweighs the impact that the a/c has on fuel economy.

    And in winter its a good idea as it prevents the windows from misting, so you can see out properly and don't die/kill anyone.

  • Nothing worse than getting into a damp and misty Uber because the driver refuses to use the a/c.

    Don’t be tight, just leave a/c on all the time

  • On a more fun note was that video of those Norwegians who mounted a split consumer unit on their motor but in reverse so they could cool the interior of the car to literally freezing posted on here? That’s fun.

  • I took a cab in Madrid, I was wearing full suit and tie, it was 42 degrees, and the cab driver wouldn't turn the A/C on due to fuel economy concerns. He did, however, have every window wound all the way down and a literal gale blasting through the car - which would (as Dan points out) have been hammering his fuel economy far more than using the A/C.

  • My A/C is always on, you need it in the middle of winter down here...

  • Peeps, to be clear, I wasn't providing an argument that you shouldn't have it on, and on most of the time. That's cool. Or hot. Or whatever.

    I was suggesting why 'it should be on and the user can't turn it off' is a difficult argument to make to a manufacturer. Unless they all did it. In unison.

    @Dammit sounds like the kind of person who will barrel down the motorway with the air con on and the windows open. Maybe modern cars are smart enough to shut down the AC at that point. Making a mysterious system even more curious.

  • People like options.

    They need buttons for options.

    Same as they need options for faster stripes.

    Take away the options they get clammy.


  • I'd just like to apologise for causing this slightly awkward air con debate. Just a lot of hot air if you ask me though.

    Seller said garage said 'probably needs a re-gas', he's going to call them tomorrow and get them to look at it. He suggested this, which backs up my theory that he's not out to rip me off.

    I just do kinda need the car by Tuesday so I'm hoping we can get this sorted by then.

  • Back in the day air con compressors sucked so much power from the engine that you could hear the revs drop when you pushed that button. You've got to remember that even a 'fast' car like a Golf GTi knocked out about 118bhp because cars didn't weigh anything, and the drag of a compressor took a lot off that, especially as most were huge things designed for American V8s. On a modern car (Mk7 Golf has 229bhp) with smaller kit it's not really an issue.

  • My Honda Accord Type-R had no air-con to maximise the power. Never bothered me apart from the one time I drove it back from Interlaken to London in one hot August day

  • The motor/cyclist in me dies a little at the thought of driving without ever opening the window for fresh air. Having said that any car I've had without AC, especially in the winter, find you're a DJ with the heating and window controls to get the screen to clear. Ironically I hate sunroofs, so lots to ponder.

  • Cars and motorbikes are very different.

    In the land of the modern fiat panda, the 1.2 has aircon while the 1.1 doesn't as it sucks too much power and won't tick over.

  • 1kw = 1.35hp

    I know cars aren’t making anywhere near max hp most of the time but that’s not a lot of power in a modern car.

  • Do you really give a shit when you are sitting in a cool comfortable environment.

    Ever had heat stroke from being in a car? Don't recommend it, but can tell you how much it cost in Arizona to get re hydrated with a few bags of saline. Thank God I had medical insurance.

    EDIT: that comes across as confrontational, it is not. Have experienced it and really don't want to again. Dehydration is a real issue while driving.

  • Picking a fight with the wrong guy, my a/c is on 365 days a year ha ha

  • Why is this still being discussed?

    If someone could make an argument for how taking the A/C on off switch away from users and having it always active would help a manufacture sell cars I'm all ears.

    The problem is there isn't one - it will not help them sell cars. So they won't do it.

    (Regional variations may apply - obvs. if you are selling in to Saudi Arabia for example...)

  • Laughing Gas canister through my 2 month old tyre..... the hole is took big to plug, so new tyre it is.

    I can’t understand why the c**ts throw these things all over the roads/parks/fields. Just put them in the bin!!

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  • Did you see BMW mulling over making seat-heating an in-app purchase for owners of their latest cars? You could do the same with the HVAC, licence the air-con for only six months of the year, have it come on automatically based on the profile on your phone when you get in the car/blend air-con zones based on the mix of phones in the car.

    I admit to leaving the air-con on in my 911 when I have the roof down because the ECU keeps the revs higher at idle when you do that, and otherwise it feels too low when you are stopped at lights.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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