Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • BMW 520i E28

    Renault 19

    Ford Fiesta van

    Vauxhall Astra

    BMW 525i E34

    Seat Arosa

    Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon

  • Vauxhall Astra

    Yeah booooooii

  • It was a replacement car after my mate took my Fiesta van on a date with his girlfriend and smashed the car.

  • A few memories...

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  • and a few more

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  • Last one promise... sweet dreams!

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  • Would still like to own an E36 & E46 M3 at some point. Good ones might be out of reach by the time I get there though

  • I'm pretty close. Only the Golfs, Audi and Porsche I owned by myself - the rest were with my brother - and we wrecked about 3 more mk3 golfs as well and had a few scrappy do-up Japanese cars I've forgotten about.

    1980s Nissan Sentra to learn to drive in
    1990s 3.o Turbo Diesel Hiace work van (not really mine)
    1996 Golf VR6 auto 4 door
    1997 Golf VR6 manual 2 door
    2001 Subaru Lancaster (Outback)
    1994 Audi S2 ABY 6-speed (still have it)
    1996 Mazda Bongo bike van
    2003 996 C4S Hartech rebuilt, but tip = the shortest I've ever owned a car
    ?? Looking for a replacement. E46 M3, Cayman, 997, b5 RS4, another golf, who knows, I change my mind every day. ULEZ makes it harder.

    1996? Honda 230SL dirt bike
    1989 Honda GB500 and two GB400s

  • Bit of a chequered history here....only new vehicle was the Blackbird!

    1974 Mk 1 Escort van - 1100 LC / drum brakes
    1975 Mk 1 Escort - 1300
    1974 Mk 1 Escort "Mexico" - 1600 / twin 40 Webers / Bilsteins/ cage
    1973 Mk 1 Escort - 1600 Burton lump / drum brake
    1980 Opel Ascona (=Cavalier)
    1982 Reliant Scimitar SE6B (2.8)
    1982? Talbot Horizon - £50 - knackered and awesome
    1982 ? Range Rover
    1995? Honda Accord
    1995? Volvo 850 T5
    1995? Lexus Soarer
    2001 Ford Focus Estate (awesome car - ex-Wrongcog­55/)
    2002 Honda Stepwagn (camper)
    2004 Subaru Outback 3.0

    Honda PA50 Camino
    MZ Simson S50
    Suzuki GP100
    Honda CB550K3
    Yamaha XJ650
    Kawasaki GTR1000
    Honda XL250
    Honda NX650 Dominator
    Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird

  • 1994 Audi S2 ABY 6-speed

    Love these, particularly in this weird teal:

  • Aqua Green - My Dad worked at a VW / Audi dealership at the time, I remember having a V6 cabriolet that colour, and a Pearlescent white S2 with a phone in the centre console

  • A pearlescent white would be super nice - I can only imagine how much dash space the phone took up!

    Did you ever go for a drive/be a passenger? I bet they were understeery pigs.

  • Some crackers there!!

  • @TRA They are pretty nose heavy. The understeer isn't really that bad though The best thing about them is the engine and traction. The turbo 5 cylinder is lovely and easy to get more power out of it.

    I wanted a coupe but ended up with a really rare sedan.

  • I 100% agree. not usually an alfa guy but think these look great

    1. 1993 Merc C220 (was my mums - gasket went shortly after I passed my test in 2009)
    2. 2005 BMW 116i (loved it - shared with my sis)
    3. 2008 Audi A3 1.8T (still owned by my mum. surprisingly quick compared to the 1 series)
    4. 2012 Audi A3 1.6 (had a few days to buy a new car for a new job.... looked nice but shit engine and only 5 speed so suffered on motorways)
    5. 2014 BMW 320d luxury touring (grandad sold to me last year for £5k with 12,000 on the clock. great car but not hugely "fun" for a guy in his late 20s..)

    I have always loved cars and unfortunately never owned something myself which is truly "fun" due to my frugal nature and previous lack of need for a car. Now that I have the barge that is the BMW i don't feel I can sell it as it was such a fantastic deal!

  • I've had lots of compliments about mine which for a new family saloon is unusual.

  • Cheers. An eclectic mix that’s for sure. A couple I’d buy back now in a heartbeat...

  • Ooooooo a list

    1996 - 1977 Volvo 242 4 speed
    1998 - 1974 BMW 2002 4 speed
    2002 - 1969 Mercedes 240 4 speed
    2005 - 1992 oldsmobile cutlass cruiser wagon (free car) Auto
    2008 - 1995 Jeep Wrangler (the good one with a straight 6) 5 speed
    2011 - 2007 VW Jetta 5 speed
    2016 - 2011 VW GTI 6 speed (pictured below with winter wheels a couple months ago)

    Getting the itch for a new car. Test drove a new Golf R. Really nice car, but too similar to my GTI. Plus the GTI feels better to drive. Test drove an RS3 but too much car to justify and it's an automatic.

    Thinking of testing a low mileage Subaru STI or Focus RS. Something disturbing to drive.

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  • its a nice car undoubtedly. wish it was the m sport though... the "luxury" trim definitely appeals more to people like my grandad

  • Was referring to the giulia!

  • Civic type r? Megane RS?

  • Megane might be hard. Looks like he's in the states.

  • Something disturbing to drive.

    Ain't no replacement for displacement, and you're in the right place for that.

    That aside, you chaps got the Saabaru (it never came to the UK), which I reckon is a really nice, quirky car that with enough STi parts would go like stink.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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