Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • While I'm looking at Civic Type-Rs does anyone have a speak on the FK2?

  • No direct experience but they were the first Civic Type R that featured forced induction.
    If you're thinking of going down the route of a fast Honda, I know of a guy who is thinking of selling what looks like a really clean FD2 which was the 4 door saloon that was released in Japan whilst the UK got the FN2.

  • If anyone is at a loose end in these trying times, I've been watching a load of stuff whilst working from a channel on YT called VHS Rallies. The person running it seems to have an archive of tonnes of rally footage from the 80's and 90's and it's gold.­L-w

  • excellent shout. like the look of these

  • Anywhere I can check it out on social media or the like?

  • You can pick up Boxsters for really sensible money but they can be money pits

  • I've been watching a load of these too.

    Group A 2.0 era was great

  • This, a mate got one (2001 ish?) for about £3k. He's easily spent that already, suspect it's been sat on grass for a few years during its life, underside of it is super corroded, everything alloy looks horrible. Engine wise is fine, its every single suspension part, and think he replaced the rack?!
    Neighbour has an s reg example and it's proper dammit levels of mint, gets used at least 2 days a week and parked on the same street where my cars get battered, chancing it!

  • I need a full YouTube series VW T3 restoration series that isn't that French couple converting to electric. Has anyone seen something like that? English, German or some Scandinavian language preferably.

  • My two favourite car spots this week, I'm going to have be content with dreaming I was driving around the British countryside in either of these on a day like today.

  • Good spots as always dude. And where I would usually be more excited by the Peugeot I just love that Datsun. 260?

  • Agreed, the Datsun is a stunner, its a 240Z. I've not seen one with wire wheels before but it looks great.

    And on the subject of wheels I remember a while back there was a discussion about cars that don't look shit with gold wheels. Recall it was pretty short list, something like old Ferrari's, original GT40, Lotus Esprit, Lancia Stratos, Subaru WRX, and errrr the Bandit's Trans Am, the car was shit but it at least looked OK with gold wheels.

    Anyway I saw another than could be added to the list I think. I always liked these as an understated/sleeper hot hatch, well as understated as its possible to get with gold wheels, a Renault Clio Williams.

    And here's one that made me all nostalgic, a Mk1 Gti, not seen a white one like this for ages, 30 years old and still one of the best looking budget convertibles ever.

  • Love this green.

  • That Golf looks tidy. I had a one very similar for a while, except it had a white hood and white leather interior - full on Miami Vice! Was really fun. The clutch cable sawed through the bulkhead (very common) and I kept patching it. Once it sawed through and the cable snapped. As I was under the bonnet trying to sort it the remainder of the cable flopped over, shorted across the battery and caught fire. It acted like a fuse on a cartoon bomb burning its way towards the bulkhead. I panicked and had visions of the whole thing going up but luckily managed to hit it with a spanner enough times for it go out just before it reached the bulkhead.

  • the one in ten boomer wattsapp message that is actually funny...

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  • Only difference between 240/260/280z is engine size (2.4/2.6/2.8). They are all commonly S30 fairlady

  • Yup that dark blue metallic with gold wheel combo is nice.
    Was it 5th gear who did a renault sport through the years comparison of all the clios? Newest heaviest largest one was fastest but I think that nicole/pappa one was not the slowest!?

  • I've not seen the prog you mention, I guess Nicole's one predates a lot of the safety gubbins and is a fair bit lighter, and it still looks proper compact. Modern hot hatches like the Type R Civic's look huge in comparison.

    And @Trunkie haha that sounds like a cartoon, and extra kudos and full commitment to the cause, putting a fire out with a spanner = win.

  • still one of the best looking budget convertibles ever.

    I saw what I think was a mk6 cab the other day, and it made me think that bar the mk1 (or do you call it a Mk2?) Golf cabs look so bleh. How come?

  • The Mk1 was designed by 'car designer of the centuary' Giorgetto Giugiaro, who also had his hand in other classics, see­Giugiaro

    The Mk2 was designed in house at VW, not sure if all the later ones are too, and I agree with you, from the aesthetics point of view all those that followed were meh.

  • MK2 didn't have a convertible, it was still a mk1

  • What do you call a mk3 in cab form?

  • Giorgetto Giugiaro

    They should get him back.

  • VW own 90% of the company Italdesign Giugiaro as of 2010 anyway

  • Even with the qualifier 'budget convertible' , those MK1 /Mk2 Golf cabriolet still look shit like pretty much all other convertible hatchbacks. I mean there's more than a hint of a squashed Morris Marina in there. I assume Giugiaro was out at lunch when they signed it off.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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