Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • [edit]65' if it is an app k gt350

  • I'm only going by body style. If that car is not road legal than I don't assume anything about the internals.

  • I will check in with the boys at the garage when I can justify the 'essential' work on the little fiat

  • yeah, def 65/66 body

    the 'ford mustang' was homologated as a notchback. the fastback was homologated as a 'shelby gt350'. that has the rear vents/windows panelled and gt stickers, so i have assumed it is the latter. the tyres are yokos so it is either set up for testing or not an app k car, in which case, i am full of shit...

  • if, by some miracle, i enjoy/can afford/am any good at racing the b AND inherit millions from a long lost uncle in scotland, i would love my next racer to be a stang.

  • If you want to win, a falcon ;)­y8g

    Notice the Elan against the mustang and falcon?

  • Its jeremy clarkson isnt it?

  • Reminds me of one of my favourite motorsport shots:

  • Lockdown has given me far more time towards choosing my next purchase than I ought to be spending. I've boiled it down to three options.

    • FN2 Honda Civic Type-R
    • R56 Mini Cooper S
    • Mk5 VW Golf GTI

    Which one do I buy and why?

  • I'd look at my budget and figure out where I'd get the most for my money. Also, it depends on what you'd be using it for. Ideally, I'd go for the FN2 or Mini over the Mk5. I figure that the FN2 would probably feel the most special of the 3 and because they are bit of an ugly ducking, they seem to be pretty good value from recent internet searching.

    My mum had a nearly new Mk5 GTi and it was a good car but it never felt particularly special (compared to thinks like the Clio Trophy she had) and they are little long in the tooth now.

    Before that she also had an R53 Cooper S which was good fun . I've not got any experience with an R56 but I'm sure @NurseHolliday should be able to give loads of info.

    Finally, I've no direct experience with the FN2 but the one of the last cars I owned in the UK was a DC2 Integra and it truly blew me away and indoctrinated me in the ways of Honda. Even at the age it was, it felt like a precision instrument and always exciting.

  • If you're open to 3dr a good friend of mine will be selling his mk5 ed30 for a decent price soon. He's had it something like 5 years and he's a bit of a car nut, so it's been looked after. It's not immaculate but it's a good honest car. And it has near enough to 300hp...

  • So the problem is it will be my daily but on that basis the legendary Honda reliability would be a great plus surely! My mate has an S2000 with 185,000 miles on it now and it's been superb, no issues, so that's confidence inspiring! Budget wise I'll buy in Ireland rather than importing but for whatever reason they're all around the same price here, if anything the available FN2s here, while fewer, seem to be lower mileage and cleaner than the comparable Golf Gtis. R56s somewhere in the middle...

  • Up your budget and get this:­dvert/202002177401076

  • Uk sorry, just seen your followup post

  • If you've no need of the extra room the Cooper S. My guess is it will be the best handling, which in the real world probably impacts enjoyment more than top speed.

  • Link won't load for me.

  • Honda reliability will definitely be a plus point. I used my Integra daily and although stiff was great at that job. Easy to pootle around in and drive sensibly, but equally great when I wanted to be a bit of a hooligan.

  • i just can't get past the fact that they look like they were designed by a power ranger

  • It’s a £465k Lancia Stratos with a fart over 4k on the clock

  • I kind of appreciate that they went all in on the silly design though, they certainly can't be accused of being beige.

  • Had a courtesy car of a mini clubman (estate with door on wrong side because LHD?) with the cooper diesel (I think a 2.0 BMW engine with 150ps?). Drove great, couldn't want more from it, build quality was pretty poor (think citroen supermini with some slightly nicer grade leather), if back door was on correct side and it was about a foot longer in the boot I'd consider one as a practical car.
    Also drove the newer shape (bubble shape) cooper works, only had an hour in it, drove great, really enjoyed it apart from brakes weren't up to much, cooked them several times (lakes) in that one hour.

  • Only a slight budget breaker then. Would definitely be exciting.

  • Part me me is amazed that an s2000 is around with that mileage, as I used to see them regularly in crashed and in scrap years after drivers ran out of talent. Suspect it was the Essex, north east london thing.

  • they have notoriously unpredictable handling also don't they?

    Good ones seem to go for a fortune at the moment

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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