Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Always wanted a go in a v16. Must be almost like a rotary engine

  • Ah crossland are total junk, well now!

    On other end wix are excellent and think napa gold (napa is like usas ecp, and gold is their top line) are also good.

    Mercedes is misbehaving again in new and unpredictable ways. It keeps generating egr flow and turbo boost issues, egr motor and entire system is dead clean and it moves very easily, turbo is new and adjusted the actuator on a star computer to get it in range. Suspect ive got a bad signal wire in the harness, as honestly one day it works great the next its shitting all over the the bed again.
    Ready to just set it on fire tbh now, such a problem child that car.

  • Finally grabbed a pic of this during today’s sanctioned exercise.

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  • so many wants

  • Says please

  • Neighbour’s Skoda Fabia’s engine light has come on, with the EPC light.
    Error code is p003a. She’s got it as a lease (or whatever that’s called). Is relatively new, was serviced in mid feb.

    Any suggestions? Skoda are being pretty unresponsive. Managed to get the code with my OBD reader, but wouldn’t know what to do beyond that. Any electrical connections I could check at least?

  • Ah the joy of wire faults. As you know, check that the all the connectors actually make a connection with in the connector. That has got me a few times. Then the joy of wire wiggling to find the faulty wire.

  • That code is turbo/super charger related. I'd visually check all the air intake pipes are connected, that the air filter is in place and together. (Pointless anecdote) Had a Nissan that had been serviced by nissan and the wrong air filter had been fitted. Nissan use same airfilter size on lots of cars but the turbo one can pull the paper ones apart so there is slightly different air filter for the same part number. While aftermarket list two different filters.

    Make sure everything is plugged in. Then clear the code and see if it comes back.

  • Could be many things. Normal VAG issues in that area are boost leaks, normally caused by cracked pcv valve housings and the plastic EGR valve. Or even leaks from the turbo wastegate. Definitely worth getting checked out by Skoda if there's a warranty involved.

  • In that case, smoke pellet/match and see where it leaks ;) I have done this to try and find leaks before, as I din't have access to a smoke generator.

  • Goodwood is live streaming the best bits of the members meet.

  • Love this. The lower they go the cooler they look.

  • Spotted this today, nothing special but the damage sticker is bang on trend.

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  • Also in the rowdy category I saw this Dax Cobra replica today.

    Also saw this hardtop Alfa Spider, which seems wrong, and looks wrong. The bumpers look 80's plastic fridge freezer meh. I thought maybe US spec, but its RHD so god knows.

  • In irrelevant news, the last 7 days I have visited my favourite MOT station 4 times to MOT other peoples cars and today my alleged 1969 series IIa landrover that started life as a 110 defender, so all that is original is the chasis tag to the IIa as it became triggers broom that I even changed the reg plates to pre suffix age plates... Grey area is if it is MOT exempt as if is substantially modified..which it is but better to be safe than sorry as it hasn't been legally on the road for more than three years. Now how to make it a little more damaging to other vehicles.

    Still don't get the 6 months extra MOT are they closing the MOT stations.

  • need a couple of small jobs carried out on the little Fiat. having moved out to the sticks wasn't sure how much I could trust the local garage. but having seen one of the wrenches rolls in this am reassured.

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  • always wondered who owned the garage under my flat.. until today...!

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  • Dat Stang not looking too road legal right now.

  • full on race car I think, along with the orange mazda. tbf never seen either of them on road round here but every time I pop in they are in different positions. think they are the toys of head mechanics.

  • Staring at a full load of piping hot buns. Is it someone?

  • What year is that? '65? Looks like an earlier one with the more defined boot rather than the later models 67+ which look more hatchback-y.

  • Thanks. Got my electrical connector tool kit, various dental pokey things, tiny file, contact solvent, vaseline, torch, multi meter with needles for piggy backing off stuff.
    Should really buy an oscilloscope.
    Gut feeling is iat/maf/one of the two map sensors and playing up, or the power supply to them isn't smooth so they are dropping out briefly, not enough to trigger an eml, but enough to play havoc.
    Need more beer.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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