Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Any recommends for online parts buying ? i want to do a service and brakes with my son on his Mk4 Golf - I've looked at a few like europarts and others, big price differences.

    Also, where there's a few options for the same part, do I need to actually pull the part off the car to identify the right part number? cheers

  • I know you're kidding but I've got loads of Kiwi and Pacific Islander mates and they're all super hardworking... Don't get that stereotype at all, weird one...

  • Yeah, I worked with loads of Kiwis in London over the years who did just that...

  • I tend to use ECP the most but also compare parts across GSF, carparts4less (same co as ECP) , autodoc and ebay. ECP have always seemed decent with free P&P and a local one not usually too far away.
    I worked at VW many moons ago so if you wanna PM your reg and what you want I should be able to confirm what to order.

  • My mate who works for Jag says ECP - simply because you can often just pick them up locally. I've used autodoc a few times and they seem totally fine.

    With brakes, just double check the number of holes on the rotor, the diameter of the rotor, and if they're vented or not. The registration checker on a lot of websites will still give you several variants - some of which may not fit. Don't forget to pick up a 7mm allen key too, and a g clamp to push the pads back in.

  • GSF, sign up. they always have discount deals on. Order online for collection for standard discount.

  • Literally everywhere always has discount deals on though. Autodoc, ECP, GSF - you've just got to compare prices at the checkout - there's never much difference. One thing I did notice was that you'll get stung if they only hold one version of something. I needed a new post cat lambda sensor, and autodoc had a few ranging from £15-45, but ECP only had one at £45~

  • awesome. Thanks for replies.

  • As you're into rally, did you ever watch this series on YT?­sBk

  • I figured as much. It's nothing special or rare - A little Clio 182, with low mileage. I'll just sit on it for a few months and see how things progress.

  • this spoils things a bit...

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  • Newbie!!!!

  • Am wary of ECP as they have bought a few brands and now produce them. Try to stick to known brands, or OE manufacturer.

  • Is it a car you have that you're looking to sell or one that you know that is for sale?

  • Don't get that stereotype at all, weird one...

    I think originally a lot of new Zealanders and islanders moved over for work so it's most likely a case of typical Aussie racism and sour grapes.... Didn't like being showed up by our neighbours so spread bad news about em! Maybe...

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  • Yeah we watched that a few years ago, I've since joined the same car club here (OSCC)

    Tony Johnston in that Capri is a bit of a local legend, he does a lot of prep on local cars

  • Nice. I wasn't sure on the kid presenting it but it made the NZ scene look like great fun.

  • I saw that on insta too and was intrigued. Love all the old 'skunkworks' stuff that BM used to do.

  • Yeah i felt a bit like that, I also thought the term Rallyist was weird.

  • One that's for sale near me.

  • Ecp have bought up a bunch of brands like lucas etc and then get very cheap items and have them branded as lucas etc. Not dodgy many companies do this but ecp then have cheak to charge same as oe price for cheap garbage items and

    Also open the boxes there and check what y have given you. Often it's a part thats been in and out many times to stock and at some point end up in wrong box. Would say this happens 1 in 5 times when I have to use them.

    So lucas/circoli/first line or green line/others are cheap parts to steer clear of.
    Vw you have tps, can get close to trade price (often way way less than ecp or any of the others for consumables).
    I. E service kit for polo tdi from tps (genuine vw), oil/air/pollen and 4 litres of long life fs oil is like £36.
    Same from ecp using whatever is cheapest is around £50
    Genuine timing belt kit, inc bolts, tensioners and water pump i think was £95?

  • If it's as nice as it should be with low miles, the price is right and you have the money, I'd buy it before someone else does, especially if it's advertised. I think that nice 182's are only going to go one way in terms of value, and if not, its not like you should be loosing your shirt if the market doesn't pick up. It's not a 250GTO.

  • Time for some lockdown learning!

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  • You forgot crossland filters, used to be great and then sold the brand to ECP. Agree on checking what is in the box.

    Circoli are oe suppliers to Land rover Jaguar! and were the only water pump I could source recently. So will see how good it is. Looked the same as the pump it replaced.

    I agree, it is worth a call to the main dealer to see what the offer is.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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