Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • New Zealand for a very poorly timed holiday/reccy!

  • Anyone?

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  • My car is going to be delayed... the dealer said this morning "All fine, will be manufactured 3rd week of next month" and then I noticed on the Volvo website a press release from today saying that they're closing their European factories for a few weeks starting next week.

    The Volvo V60 Polestar is made either in Belgium or Sweden... so oh well, at least a month delay, and I assume a backlog so this will push it out further... guess I'll just resign myself to it taking many moons now.

  • Absolute dream car, that. Worth the wait I’d say. Looking forward to eventually hearing about it and pictures.

  • It's a good job I don't have more space or I'd be hoarding car like this (no idea if this is a good price for it, but I've wanted one of these since the early 90's):

  • Enjoyed this film of the 1988 Manx rally. Cossies and Lancias galore, 205s, a Starion, some fab M3 driving and McRae Jr throwing a Nova into a bush.­P1s

  • I thought that was a kiwi plate. Where have you headed to so far? We moved here 5 months ago

  • Pretty much everyone involved with this are absolute dickheads. Not for organising this, just in general, dickheads.

  • Just Wellington, Nelson & Auckland - we'll probably be moving to Wellington at some point late next year, Nelson (where that pic was taken) is where my partner's parents live (it's their spare car), in Auckland for a wedding today. Then home hopefully!

    Where are you based?

    So nice driving round on not busy roads, a lot of shrugging when it comes to insurance though!

  • If it's gonna be delayed can you get the colour changed? Iirc wasn't the white based on getting it faster?

  • Given some of the behaviour of the people I’ve seen promoting it, that adds up

  • What are some tips for making sure my car has a chance of working in 3 months time?

    Should I start it and let it run for a few mins every few days? Drive it around the block if possible?

  • Love a Mk2 Golf.

    The racing green and those wheels too - I'd definitely go for that colour, or a faded out red.

  • I like the white.

    And the other polestar colours are hardly inspiring (­23QM267 ) . If they did a pantone colour match for a grand or two more I'd jump at it, but they don't... so sure, white it is.

    I mean... I'd jumped at a really gorgeous blue, maybe like the blue that some of the BMWs have. Or perhaps a gorgeously deep forest green.

  • New ecu, service, and a few other bits including the towbar removal and car is driving great again.

    @NurseHolliday you'll be happy to see I had them fit me new plates while it was in!

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  • I also now have an e90/e91 towbar and all the electrics if anyone wants it?

  • Nice work! Looks very shiny there.

  • They washed it while they had it!

  • We moved to Dunedin (aka, the Antarctic riviera). Apart from struggling to find a house to rent for a few months, it's worked out great for us so far.

    Insurance is funny here, esp because of ACC.

  • Home of Flying Nun Records!!

  • Formed in Christchurch, no?

    I am aware there's quite a Dunedin sound music scene but tbh it doesn't really align with my taste.

  • Maybe I've had it wrong all these years then? 🤷♂️ You're right, probably just confusing it with the famous Dunedin Sound...

    I hear it's a lovely part of the world, tho' we've got so many Kiwis here in QLD I often wonder why they're here if it's so nice back home!

  • Dunners is NZs best kept secret.

    I think professionally here careers are a bit restrictive, most of the Kiwis I know have worked abroad for a few years and returned to start families really

  • I hear it's a lovely part of the world, tho' we've got so many Kiwis here in QLD I often wonder why they're here if it's so nice back home!


    (According to the stereotype)

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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