Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I have a fairly long estate car (v90) so wouldn't want to carry round the extra length when I wasn't using the rack. If you found one that folds it probably makes it easier. The Thule one has a hinge that makes boot access pretty easy.

  • Look at this little beastie. Currently sharing garage space with the B. A championship winner!

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  • As others have mentioned make sure you get one that tips enough that you can get into the boot, and also can you turn off reverse parking sensors if you have them?

  • My father-in-law has been giving me his old Road Rats, such a nice mag, went to get a slipcase to keep them in and they want 50 boys for them!

  • Got the verdict on the e91 this morning, worst case scenario it is, ecu is buggered.

    A cool 1400 to supply and fit, almost 25% of what i paid for the car back in November.

    Asked about using one from a breaker and coding that and they said they've done a few in the past with mixed outcomes, and that going with a new oem one will be faster, easier and more reliable, so I've bitten the bullet. Expensive lesson learned about the importance of checking the drains at the bottom of the windscreen!

    I'll get a few bits done that they suggested in the post purchase inspection back in November (couple of suspension bushes, diff seals), towbar removal, oil service and numberplate change.

    Hoping that will mean it should be good at least until the next time i decide to drive it.

  • No sensors, only a camera. Weirdly. But yeah, the 1Up I linked can do that. Think it’s the one for me.

  • looks good then. My old car had reversing sensors you couldn't turn off, whenever I put a trailer or bike rack on there was just a constant high pitch squeak, not what you need when trying to reverse round a corner with a trailer...

  • That sucks, had similar happen in the summer when the EGR valve went and shorted a terminal on the ECU. £500 for ECU and fitting on a car I'd bought for just over 3 times that a few weeks prior.

    Bad times.

  • Shit news mate, sorry to hear it.

    I booked the Volvo in for a service and as I was a new customer he asked me when the timing belt next needed doing. That made me realise it needed doing.

    I also asked him to investigate a coolant leak, I was a bit worried it was a blown headgasket from the head lifting because the leak only seemed to happen on boost. Thankfully it's not that, but sadly it's about the same level of ballache as it looks like a core plug in the block is leaking. I'm glad the plug did its job but it's a fucker to replace. Think it will cost about the same as your job, plus the service, plus the timing belt... fun fun fun.

    Still, smiles per pound are hard to beat with it so I struggle to complain about spending money on it. I only wish I hadn't just paid for a new bathroom.

  • I don't understand why I see some many of these on the road, they are so much more expensive compared to rival vans.

    I bought a brand new Peugeot Boxer for way less than a ragged out Transporter. If I was in the market for a transporter sized van I'd probably go for a Transit.

  • Because people are brand obsessed and have more money than sense. My L200 is much better to drive than the VW equivalent and the best part of £10k less. I suppose the VW is a bigger tax write-off, but still....

  • Because Transporters are trendy. They've got a shit turning circle too.

  • VW usually offer pretty good finance deals, which makes buying new transporters more desirable for some people

  • Do you get to keep the old ECU. Wonder if it is worth sending it off to be repaired. That is if it can be.

    VW also don't discount the price of new vehicles.

  • But they hold their price, I do know that T4 diesel was a great van. In that they take loads of abuse before they die. But the bodies don't rust as bad as a transit. Pity the LT weren't as good.

  • If they're replacing it, I'm assuming it can't be repaired...

  • Teh wants.

  • Honda acty for style points, citroen berlingo for function.

  • Suspect it is easier for them and their reputation to just install a new ECU. I'd be narked that they didn't pick up a possible issue on pre inspection. Then I seem to have issues everytime I get a car fixed/worked on by a garage.

  • I think you are right. Look at what happened with toyota hilux post top gear.

  • Mines going in to ML for a rummage, service, MOT mid April. Will mention the drains...
    Took a stone to the windscreen on the motorway today, now there’s a crack right down the middle of it. Looking forward to getting that sorted in an acceptable fashion (I demand a matching grey tinted band!) next week.

  • Sylvie lives!!!

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  • had bluetooth speaker on 11 before i clicked that. Cat's dead, thanks.

  • The wins keep coming!

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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