Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Ooh nice upgrade

  • Whilst we're posting red cars, these are the wheels that I've got on order (exactly the same width/offset, but mine have gold centres):

  • Oh man that looks lovely! Congratulations!

    The head unit is an alibaba job and not that expensive if you're after one but be conscious that if you have Nav+ already you'll need to change the dashboard trim for it to fit, not expensive or anything but a bit of messing.

  • Truly awful to look at.

  • Congrats on the new alfa....

  • Thanks! I'm just kidding, there's nothing wrong with the stock CD/aux player that is in the car. If I need navigation I just stick my phone on the dashboard.

  • Did you order LMs?

    I thought you'd ordered TE37s from driftworks or something

  • I ordered LM's from Driftworks.

  • 225 on 9"- will I die?

  • What tyre / size / profile?

  • 225/40/18 Michelin ps2 on a 9" BBS LM.

  • Probably a bit like this

    1 Attachment

    • 9.0-225-40-R18-Michelin-Pilot-Sport.jpg
  • Hmm. I was hoping to avoid new tyres. The 285/30/18's will go onto the 11" rears ok, but the 225 fronts are looking a bit stanceworks.

  • You probably want 245 or something no?

  • 235 or 245 according to the chart. Probably 235/40 front and 295/30 rear Cup2’s, ultimately

  • Our car has crapped itself again, I got a call from my wife yesterday (the day after the call about raw sewage leaking into the house) to say the gearbox had gone.

    It had seemed a bit clunky and the gearstick was moving when I stopped accelerating but internet opinion on this ranged from "it happens in Renaults" to "The gearbox/engine isn't mounted properly and it's fucked."

    It seems like it was the latter.

    Is this likely to be a write-off? Bearing in mind the car cost £800.

    And other stupid questions:

    What will my insurance cover and not cover with regard to repairs? We have breakdown cover but that would have taken two hours and my wife was five doors down from a garage.

    Does anyone want to play "find a decent petrol estate that's more reliable than a Megane for around £1k"?

  • It appears I'm getting older... Turned 41 the other day and have quite a lust for @BRM 's MG... Then today I saw an off white MGB GT with minilites and nice thin chrome bumpers. Looked ace - that makes 2 MG's that I like. Uh oh....

  • Yep! I don't really understand why it would increase the cost. I'm not too bothered about the black box, apparently it can only reduce your premium, not increase it and you only have to install it for 3 months.

  • I’m stumped, but I’m not exactly an expert

  • Petrol? Diesel? ULEZ compliant?

  • Is this likely to be a write-off? Bearing in mind the car cost £800.

    Depends. Could just need new engine or gearbox mounts which would be worth paying for.

    What will my insurance cover and not cover with regard to repairs?

    Normal insurance isn't going to cover any repairs unless they're caused by a crash. It's not going to cover this work.

  • Time for a fleece and some sandals...

  • Time for a z3 ferrari 250?

  • Could be anything, from exterior linkage to mounts. If it is something inside the gearbox depends how hard it to get to the fault if the gearbox has to come out.

    As others have said, nothing to do with insurance.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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