Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • 493 BHP seems fairly modest output from all that.

  • I'd prefer it in a CL body, but yeah, cracking motor!

    I think AMG played a part in the development

  • Not far off 100bhp per litre, which isn't bad for a NA large capacity engine. It wasn't that long ago that 100bhp/litre was considered pretty respectable for a turbo engine in a road car.

  • It's got two turbos, though.

    (Referring to the SL600 V12 Bi Turbo in the eBay ad)

  • Deleted coz can't use the quote function..

  • It has. But the BigDammitBarge doesn't. It's got none at all. No turbos and only 8 cylinders. Mwahahahaha.

  • Could I just draw sirs attention to your frankly inadequate .5 litres of swept displacement per cylinder, compared to my far more sufficient .69/pot?

  • . 5 litres is the sweetspot. 2 litre 4 pot, 3 litre 6 pot. Stands to reason.

  • I quite fancy a V12, and if you're going to get a V12 then you may as well get one with twin turbochargers. Although with that said, a supercharged V12 would also be fun, but I can't think of one in a production car.

    I had also been vaguely considering getting (say) a 993 for summer and then flogging it toward the end of autumn (largely due to not having anywhere to put it long term), but I think that at the time I'd like to sell either the economy will be in the shitter and getting worse, or we'll be preparing for another GE, or both. Not an ideal time to sell an old performance car.

  • 5 litres is the sweetspot. 2 litre 4 pot, 3 litre 6 pot. Stands to reason.

    My six pot (will be) 3.7l, which is .62. I need to make it larger. Bugger.

  • You'll have the porker for fun, why not get a 650i or cl600, or some other outrageous luxury coupe

  • I think I asked already (but not 100% sure), anyone have good car-related podcasts in mind? I have been enjoying the Collecting Cars podcast width Lovett/Harris, I will try the Smoking Tire, but welcome for any recommendations!

  • I'm going to bravely enter the car world again.

    Going for a white car this time.

  • Not quite that long, but close.

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  • That is well nice!

  • It is very white :)

  • Substitute 'was' in about a nanosecond of the current weather....

  • Oh that is lovely!

  • Internet diagnosis required...

    2015 Audi A4 Avant, Quattro. Very high fuel consumption. On average using 14-15 litres per hundred kilometres (roughly 16mpg).

    This is with normal driving, tyres at correct pressure and no roof racks. Even on a motorway trip it struggles to get 21 mpg.

    It should be a lot better. I suspect a boost leak somewhere. Any other ideas? I have 9 months of warranty left so will be getting Audi to cover it but I need to be armed with information.

  • I’ve just totally forgotten the name of them, but my money is on the sensor that sits in the exhaust just behind the cat and controls primary fuel trim.

  • Lambda sensor!

  • My car-related subscriptions are TST, Wheel Bearings, Regular Car Reviews.
    Motorsport subscriptions: Box of Neutrals, The F1 Strategy Report, For F1's Sake, Inside Electric, Autosport.

    Also, Smith and Sniff on YouTube, even though the visuals are mostly two blokes sitting in a car eating sandwiches.

  • Going for a white car this time.

    I guess actively choosing white means you're probably not Casey Liss.


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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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