Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • At the moment I just hate cars.

    At least I can put off fixing things till the weather improves and don’t need a new battery (hopefully).

  • My front parking sensors are demonstrating an intermittent fault, which is annoying. Also, the sunroof dripped on me yesterday, so I need the drains and the seals looking at.

    I'm trying to hold off on these little jobs until it's a good time to swap the winter wheels for the summer ones, and the one storm per weekend format that our weather has adopted is suggesting that that time is not now.

  • If you want to talk mondoe I can bore you.

  • New custom exhaust on the E30 3.5 not only sounds better but has really opened it up at the top rev range without losing lower torque :D Kevin at Zero Exhausts in Bethersden is an artist really worth the travel and wait if you need any exhaust work done
    One pic of the old shitty manifold that used to hit the steering column before I came up with a Rover V8 engine mount option using aluminium spacers to keep stack height to original

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  • That’s tidy as fuck.

  • Oh baby!

  • Surprised the F40 in Monaco not made it here yet.

    Social Media never gonna let that burn in peace...

    My Eyes!

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  • The engine is pants. The 2.4 JTDM in the 159 is infinitely more pleasurable to drive and I miss it. Apparently a remap and new air intake and exhaust make it into quite a nice car though so there' a little leap of faith there in that respect. I'm effectively weighing up the compromise of astoundingly good looks against performance. It's a lovely drive but just a bit lifeless.

    This is the only thing that matters.

  • Wot no pretty coloured welds? ;)

    Nice flowing pipes.

  • Wonder if the car is beyond economical repair.

  • I know, if he hadn't custom fitted it on to the car I wouldn't have been sure whether to fit it on the car or hang it on the wall :) Pure artwork
    I have two weeks training at Cockfosters next week so will be commuting through the Blackwall Tunnel expect some audio clips soon :D

  • double post

  • fancy a wood green flyby?

  • What kind of idiot doesn’t have an extinguisher in the passenger footwell!

  • 14mins, could do, training days are early start and finish, usually done by 2pm :)

  • finally, project mr2 is starting soon.. got one to the body shop for a sill change and took the donor car to the final place of assembly

  • Take loads of pics! Post them!

  • Are there any owners of ultimate driving machines in here that might be interested in a genuine BMW roof box?

    It's the gloss black half width 420l one that has the clever open from both sides hinge, seen below.

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  • That'll buff out...

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  • A friend could well be interested I’ll give him a shout.

    How much and more photos I can send him?

  • @Colm89 are those plates legal? I'm seeing more and more on the roads at the moment.

  • Drop me a pm if he's interested, i can email or text more pics if needed

  • I've not been stopped since i bought the car, but they are ugly as sin. I have a normal replacement set in the boot, just not gotten round to fitting them

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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