Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • In water pump news the only pump I can get off the shelf is an airtex ones. Ok they are OE for some landrover stuff but....all others brands are at least two to three days no factor can guarantee that? Flip side is the pump is cheap at £18.

  • You'll need a Ford-specific ISO loom (~£10 from Halfords or ebay), and the right stalk adaptor for steering wheel controls. Sadly my h-u isn't compatible with those so I've lost that. However I've gained so much more that it doesn't bother me toooo much.

  • Yo, Chesterton (not the posh bit though)!

  • It has the proper raised rails.

    I saw those Thule ones but they’re $550, which is a 6th of the value of the car 😂

  • It's where the very best people have been for years.

  • Nice! Near the river or closer to Milton?

    We're in Royston now but i grew up in Cambridge hence why we're up here out of London...

  • $550! Sheesh! $390 over here, across the ditch. Forgot about the NZ dollar.
    Maybe second hand is your friend. Also look for Kanu locking board straps. Little piece of mind if you have to stop somewhere with the board on the roof.

  • I'm currently looking for the Subaru OEM cross bars for roof rails as they're only $230 as far as i can tell.

    I've been looking for 2nd hand on trade me but all the varieties of thule / prorack / wispbar are all $400+

  • They would but I am conscious that a lot of the universal / lower cost ones are bad for fuel consumption and noise in use.

  • Ah.. well, I do heartily recommend the soft-straps for the convenience. I've been debating biting the bullet and going for Volvo/Thule for ours.

    Though I have been repeatedly tempted by the Seasucker Bars too.

  • Just off Milton Road, really looking forward to being a hop skip and jump away from open roads and some nice big skies

  • This: the Thule roof bars I have on the A4 are silent. Even with a 9'6 on the roof. It's definitely a consideration. Maybe get the stealthy bars:­f/roof-racks/vortex/vortex-stealthbar-bl­ack-2-bar-roof-rack_ja7976

    Then when you sell the car you can recover most of the cost. As you say, they are still $400 second hand.

  • Yeah, maybe i'll have to get some FCS soft racks in the short term, at least they're like $95

  • Yeah, i might keep hunting for some second hand, and there's a real chance that if we change cars as long as the roof rails are proper ones like the suby has, I should be able to transfer them across as required.

    Or buy a Ute.

  • ^liking that. never grew up being an alfa kind of guy but just think the giulias look ace

  • shit now I know about Seasucker roof bars. that's going to cost me

  • When I was researching this a brand called Cruz came up, their Airo bars use the same aero design as the previous gen aero Thule bars iirc. A full new set was the same/cheaper than 2nd hand Thule. And they are well reviewed.

    That said you only need the cross bars, so have more options.

    Not knocking the aero benefits of Thule/similar, but if the main use is moving a surf board then based on my limited experience of surfboards on roofs I'm not sure aero bars are going to make any difference to fuel or noise. Altho if they're not removed there is an obvious benefit.

  • Cut the ends down on universal ones if you don't want to fracture your skull and put yourself in A+E when you get out of your car and forget they are there.

    Also noisy roof bars, wrap thin (3-5mm) nylon or dyneema (climbers always have this stuff on their person) around them tightly in a spiral, shuts up just about every noisy roof bar ever.

  • I’ve looked at all of the brands I can find in NZ and all of them are over $400 new, I haven’t been able to find any much cheaper 2nd hand either.

    I’ll see if the brand you mention is a thing here

  • That's a great idea. Same reason tall thin industrial chimneys have the spiral around them... Well not noise, but turbulence and vibration.

  • I think i'm going to get a set of these made by Curve, they do a soft rack for use with roof rails which suits the Subaru.

    Annoyingly the ones i can get locally, don't seem to work nicely with cars with no door frames (like subarus)

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  • Went 'round all the car shops in a 20km radius today, was dead set on getting a Sony head unit til the crazy Subaru kid at Supercheap Auto told me to forget it, he installed one and ripped it straight out again... Decided on getting a Kenwood, Repco had a 25%-60% sale on starting today so grabbed it there and as many harnesses as I could get... Pretty good price...

    My mate down in Logan is gonna install it for me, should be pretty straightforward... It's gonna be fully sick...

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  • Won't that scratch the hell out of the roof?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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