Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Yeah, I'd agree with your assessment if the transport links were good, but in Ireland they are poor at best.

    All well and good having an untaxed track car, but you'd need something to tow it with, and space to store it, and even then, there is only one track in Republic of Ireland, and one north of the border.

    I'm all for reducing carbon footprint, my car only gets driven a few times a year, but Ireland is a long way from enabling it sadly.

  • Yes however you can still drive a car cheaply no? As mentioned above with the mini. Its perhaps not a fun car but it does the transport job.

    Fair enough on track car. Poor public transport isnt really acceptable in this day and age. Especially if tax on vehicle is so high. Such money should be funneled into PT. Very much as we also need here, in areas that are not London!

  • Today's ride saw 2 completely new cars to me, and a mystery ancient car with wire wheels and running boards, that I hope any experts on pre WW2 cars can identify.

    Firstly behold the aesthetic beauty of this off road kit car based on a Ford Cortina, the Adams Rotrax.

    Next we have an apparent Russian legend, a Gaz-21 Series 3 Volga. I think its some kind of top of the range one, it has 'Legend' on the back, and I can't read what the text says on the passenger side front wing, is it 'Garna'? Love the jumping stag on the bonnet.

    I'm hopeless at identifying very old cars, but saw this near Hyde Park and got a rare and expensive feeling about it. I can't see any name badges on it, and can't make out the bonnet logo/ornament. Zooming in there's what looks like a small 'T' just above the fuel filler cap on the running board, but that's all.

    I particularly like the aero partial spare wheel covers at the rear of the car, that I thought would help identify it, but I'm stumped as to what it is. Anybody have any idea what this is?

  • Oh yeh, sorry misinterpreted what you were saying. You can run cars cheaply, but they are diesel, so you've the moral issues to contend with.

    Even for "cheap to run" cars, the tax is too high in Ireland.

  • Yeah, anyway just playing devils advocate.

  • Update: Thanks to a friends Dad who identified the mystery red car.

    Turns out its a 1930's Alfa Romeo 8c 2300 Touring Spider, and is probably worth upwards of a million quid, maybe many millions. Wowsers.­1931_Alfa_Romeo_8C_2300_TouringSpider-Flickr-_exfordy.jpg

  • There's really no affordable motoring in Ireland. Anything with cheap tax and good fuel efficiency is violently expensive even secondhand, anything cheap secondhand prices are obnoxiously expensive to tax.

    Insurance is daylight robbery for any car. It's an absolute mafia.

    Anyway... 159 is for sale if anyone is interested.
    140,000 miles. £3000.

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  • Looks as though the brakes don't work too well.

  • That looks lovely

  • It is. I hate selling it but can't justify the expense to keep it.

  • I popped into the Mercedes Indy yesterday on the way home from Heathrow, my battery had a date stamp of halfway through 2006 (car was registered Jan 2007), so it’s had a good run. £180 later and I have a fresh OEM (I think Varta?) battery, which if it lasts as long as the old one will be a result.

  • My God. Prices I'm seeing are well into several million USD. There's one for 12M.

  • Holy shit. Bit nerve jangling driving that around London then, he must have been a nervous wreck.

  • I think that car lives on Pemridge Gardens

  • Curious who that is. I don't know why.

  • really get 70mpg out of one of those?? impressive

  • Thing is it is a strong old girl. Wrought iron chassis no doubt. Any rude boi in a hot hatch prolly come off a lot worse. Plus peeps be all stand off amaze anyho.

  • We've got those. They call them puddle lights. I used to hate them but they stopped me standing in an absolutely gigantic dog turd on a moonless night last year so they've won me over.

  • Alain de Cadenet owns the car according to the link

  • He's not afraid to use it either.

  • Nice. Didn't catch that on my phone screen.... That's him. Interesting!

  • So did you get in to racing for the sex ;)

    EDIT- context of this comment was that De Cadanet got it to racing for the sex.

  • Car came out great, PDR is quite an amazing thing... Watched the guy work on the bad dent and one hail dent he'd missed on the hatch... The one on the hatch came out in 90secs, he just pushed it out with one of his tools, the big one took over an hour and he got it to about 90%... He'd have to take the door apart to get it perfect and I wasn't bothered enough to go that far...

    Next job is bringing the plastic trim back to life, it's a bit grey in places, just ordered some Gtechniq C4 Permanent Trim Restorer for the job... Then a couple of little paint touch ups, a final detail and I'll leave it alone...

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  • Allegedly! I had a One D before and could get 60mpg+ in that.

  • Loving this series:­RtJJoHWhC_kyCX_g

    Now need a 205 Si in my life.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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