Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • There seem to be more scare stories about DMF to SMF conversions. VAG engine that broke a crank and gearbox damage etc. If there is a valeo smf conversion it will be fine IMO. From Mondeo mk3 2l diesel tuning experience dmf don't like more torque especially if they are a bit older. DMf require a different driving style imo. The DMF ran better when driven at speed for a long period of time, then came back to town driving the DMF got rattly.

    Is the saab rear suspension bushes the reason that they get replaced as a whole unit?

  • Those rear bushes - are they tricky / spendy to swap?

    I'm tempted to just let the car be until it collapses as it's hardly worth anything anymore. But, and a big but, that goes against how I want to look after things

  • I still get a bit excited when I see this parked and realise she’s mine.

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  • Always thought if you park up and don't glance back you bought the wrong car.

  • That’s very true.

  • My old 9-3 had a cracked bulkhead. Something they seem to suffer from commonly.
    Before that I had a (very old) 9000 CSE. Now that was a comfortable mile eater. Such a thirsty fuel guzzler though. Probably worst than the Subaru.

  • Awaiting to hear from the friend that I helped swapped the rear suspension to see why.

  • Thanks top tips.

    Getting auto so that's ok. Manuals dont have much place in fat estates.

    Yeah the 2.3 aero is the one, then a remap.

    They seem very good value for money. Itll be that or Subaru, depending on what I find a good one of first.

  • That's not a dirty car, that's just normal...right?

  • Probably. I mainly like his accent and the bizarre (to me) level of his cleaning.

  • Oh this is actually a friend of a friend! Really great job done!

    On topic of my vehicular woes I've decided I'm going to be violently sensible and not purchase an old fast shed and just buy the cheapest, lowest running cost car I can find to tide me over the next year ot two until wedding and home purchasing are completed.

    It's looking like I'm going to end up with a c.ten year old R55 Mini Cooper D Clubman.

    70mpg. €190/ year to tax.

    Oh well.

  • How much would my C55 cost?

  • €1,809 for a years motor tax.

    Vrt might be negligible at about €700 to €1200 upon import.

  • Vrt is a bullshit tax applied to every car imported into Ireland and is baked into the purchase price of new cars. Its calculated as 20% to 30% (based on emissions) of open market selling price, as defined by the government.

    That's why bmw 7 series and range rovers are €170k new in Ireland...

  • Always thought if you park up and don't glance back you bought the wrong car.

  • So ~£1,000 per year more than VED.

  • Has anyone replaced their dual-mass flywheel with a single-mass? Did you notice much difference?

    My dad was an automotive engineer for AP and spent years working on what were then called twin-mass flywheels. They were developed and fitted by car manufacturers to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), so I'd presume that replacing one with a single mass flywheel would result in an increase in NVH.

  • Yup, more nvh but less chance of exploding...

  • Rear suspension was replaced as there are more bushes in the rear than a 'normal' car, the car was starting to creek from the rear and the handling was bit strange and as he was keeping the car decided to replace all the rear bushes. It is alot quicker to get an exchange rear suspension with all the bushes replaced and new bolts. The discs and pads needed doing as well, so he had waited to get everything done at once sort of thing.

  • If it ever comes up in conversation, ask if they did a comparison of the dual clutch plate fitted to the alfa gtv. Also if the dual mass needs a different driving style less to no engine braking but more using the brakes.

  • Interesting. Too involved for me though. Thanks for checking it up, appreciated!

  • Outstanding work, on the car and the vid

  • To be honest I cant see much of a downside.

    Tax the rich or those who want to drive polluting cars. Yeah it sucks if you're not rich and want to drive a fast car on the road. But sort of tough really.

    I'd guess you cant be taxed on a track car? So could do that as antidote.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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