Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I thought I had pressed 'reply' but didn't... So to answer your question, I have never noticed any road noise from neither the current H6 (3.0R spec b) or the old H4 (2.5i SE) I drove for 6 months.

    There is a step up in running costs between the 2, and I wouldn't dismiss a 2.5 based on engine cc alone.
    Mine (auto) was pulling nicely and was never found wanting (once the brakes had been sorted).

    I'm based in SE25. If you want to check it out let me know.

  • Cheers. Looks right in its element.

    @EagleEyez I'm in beckenham so that would be ideal. Thanks.

    And I ran a 530d so cant be much worse. I can do some things myself happily.

    I'll dm you

  • Ha trying to keep it simple!

  • I'm conscious i still need to check if my 58cm road bike will fit in the boot with the seats up, which i will do once I'm over the jet lag of flying home from LA...

    But I'm gonna assume it absolutely won't fit unless the seatpost comes out and wheels and mudguards come off

  • Yeah I think I decided 3s are too small. And a lot more money that a Subaru. So dont sweat it, thanks though.

  • Flat 6 engined 4 wheel drive scooby wagon would be ace

  • haha yeah. to the Manor unborn.

    Let me know when you are anyway near being up this way dude.

  • love this bike T. It will still see plenty of miles

  • A forum fave for me

  • Could be passing by on Thursday morning next week, or maybe Friday. Will know tomorrow

  • cool. should be around. switch to mobile comms when you know and I will send you the deets.

  • Am I going to be fleeced if I sell a car on ebay - What obvious pitfalls should I avoid?

    And is it worth doing anything to the car other than a good clean. It needs a service, but otherwise has FSH, and it has 11 months MOT, and new front tyres.

    And is Parker's blue book still a thing? It's been decade since I've sold a car for more than scrap.

  • what is it?

  • The car? 2013 Golf 1.4 TSI SE 5dr DSG

  • A common, inconspicuous car. Great for trips down to the thai massage parlour.

  • Just use webuyanycar or similar? Depends how much hassle you want to have...

  • I went there, and they offered less that the main dealer offered in part ex.

    I don't mind the hassle of selling by myself, but as I've not done it for a long time, just want to make sure I'm not making any obvious mistakes.

  • I'd advise getting the service done you referred to and list what it covered in the advert.

    Have you tried Facebook marketplace or in a specific Golf buy and sell FB group?

  • Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are good places to start if you're keen to avoid listing/FSV and PayPal fees.

  • I sold my car on Facebook Marketplace - 44 messages in 24 hours.

    I had tried on eBay too, and the first buyer pulled out two days later.

    That's a limited sample size, but poor experience.

  • New coil pack, plugs and HT leads seem to have sorted the Ka misfire.

    Then of course something else goes. There was a tiny coolant leak near the engine so I changed the offending hose, freaking thing was still leaking so I was yanking the hose back off and the sodding spigot cracked off the thermostat housing! Turns out they make them from GRP!

    Fortunately we live in such a fucked up world that I was able order a new pattern part from China for £8 and fitted it today. All sorted.

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  • Those thermostat housings are common for breaking.

    They're a glass filled injection moulded part, can be annoyingly brittle the more glass they put into the base material.

  • Think it is a ford wide issue.

  • Same on most VAG cars too

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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