Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Good info, cheers!

  • And I've not seen one of these for ages, a Mk2 Truimph 2000. I gave the lady driver and her passenger a thumbs up and an excited wave, and she waved back and drove off grinning. #winning

    Had the 2.5PI variance of these. Once tuned was a really smooth running car. Motorway 90mph was silent and smooth. It never stayed tuned for long though. The mechanical throttle linkage would never stay adjusted, balance was a twat to get set up, especially using the single vacuum gauge I had.

  • No worries.

    If you want an LCI one, it needs to have this dash:

    Also might be worth checking out the bimmerpost G01 forum.

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  • Sounds like something worth getting as it could mean a few more £££ back when you sell it

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  • I really enjoy these posts with only pictures and no descriptions. Really draws me in and brings me along for the journey.

  • Nice SLS “inlet manifold”

  • +1

    wud patreon

  • You’re going to manufacture custom slide throttles for Porsche ITBs?

  • They’re E46 M3 ITB’s which we’re running on Porsche M96 Variocam heads, with a GT3-RS variable tract plenum.

  • I’ll definitely bang a new one in, don’t like seeing the engine light!

  • The next challenge is intake trumpet length, where we bring them together into end-tanks, and total plenum volume. The length is critical in terms of the resonance within the intake which we need to create a positive pressure at specific RPM. The two flaps within the plenum that control the effective length of the intake will help here (VarioRam, essentially), but intake trumpet design is a really important thing to get right, so we're likely to print a bunch of options and then dyno them back to back.

  • Just look at how small this is in a modern car space. Also in shockingly good condition....
    Pity the 124 on the other side of the street drove off before I got a snap. Must've been fiat day in crows nest.

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  • What a beauty, I had a Corgi model of one of those and absolutely adored it... Loved the little engine flap...

  • yeah that looks mint. and reckon would be awesome to drive.

    Can pick them up relatively cheap over here but can imagine so much work to keep running. having said that come summer I might be ready for a bit of a project

  • Not sure they like our climate. On street? 😊

  • yeah definitely don't like our climate. but moved out of the smoke now and have garage space at last. and my 126 hardly takes up any of it!

  • Bug-Jam regulars will know this one

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  • Like the guy standing through the sunroof and the other sitting in the boot

  • Wheel-stand doping.

  • I'm having a bad day.

    Due to various life expenses and other circumstances I had garaged my 159 SW for the last few months, I've been driving one of our vans for work everyday recently anyway so it was no real skin off my nose but I hadn't paid my VRT because of this and it's still on UK plates.

    So the wonderful Irish government have now introduced a nox tax on imported vehicles which basically renders my car untenably expensive to register in Ireland now. (c.€5,500 for nox tax and VRT combined).

    I'm going to get in touch with Revenue and see if it's possible to still register it at the quoted price I received before Christmas as it's already on their system but they're not exactly renowned as an organisation for their compassion and empathy so I doubt it.

    This basically leaves me in a position where I either sell my car in the UK (if anyone is interested PM me) or scrap it here and I need to find something else.

    Trouble is with upcoming wedding next year and also hoping to buy a home in the next two years I really can't justify spending much at all, I either have to buy something super cheap and probably a bit expensive to run or else a little more expensive and super cheap to run.

    List of potential cars from local adverts is as follows at the moment:

    Category A:
    2008 Alfa Romeo 159 2.2 JTS Saloon
    2006 Alfa Romeo 159 1.9 JTDM Sportwagon
    2004 Mercedes Benz E220 Cdi Avant Garde Wagon
    2005 Audi Allroad 2.5 Tdi
    2007 VW Golf Gti Mk5
    2008 BMW 520D Touring

    Category B:
    2011 Honda Jazz Hybrid
    2010 Honda CRZ Hybrid
    2011 Subaru Impreza 2.0 Tdi

    This is so fucking grim, secondhand cars in Ireland are grim.

  • Man that is bad craic. As you said yourself I wouldn't hold out massive hope for any sort of flexibility from Revenue, they are stubborn arseholes even in instances that are unequivocally their fault.

    Second hand cars in Ireland are sooooo shit.

    Out of curiosity how does that €5500 break down between the nox tax and VRT?

  • The early cars are the prettiest. Not sure on the minilites on an Italian car, should be campagnolo ;)

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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